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This exciting new online wine programme introduces participants to the fundamental specialist knowledge, skills and understanding required to taste and evaluate wines. Accross 6-weeks, participants will lean a systematic approach to wine tasting, alongside finding out how different styles of wine are impacted by the winemaking process and viticulture.

This course is delivered in collaboration with Le Cordon Bleu London.


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Course Structure

Each week you will be provided with step-by-step information on wines, varieties and tastings for the topics listed below. Le Cordon Bleu  Master Sommelier  will guide you through, appearance, aroma and palate of the weekly chosen wines using video instruction,  assessment and live sessions (for the premium course only). You will recive a suggested wine list, Wine Producing Courtries list, Temperature Guidelines, Glassware and Equipment, Tasting Guidelines, Service Tips and Wine Sweetness Charts.

Weekly topics include:
Suitable for amateurs and wine enthusiasts, by the end of this course participants will have built a sound knowledge of different styles of wine. A more discerning palate will result from focussing on the tasting of wine and the key steps of winemaking.

Course Introduction

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