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Students from abroad or from different states in Brazil can find a variety of accommodation options for the period in which they attend the Le Cordon Bleu courses in all cities in which the campuses are located - Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

Apart Hotel

For short or long periods, there are apart hotel options that offer all the comfort and hospitality to the students. It also has complete services of facilities and infrastructure, such as cleaning, laundry and security. In addition, this type of accommodation usually has leisure areas with swimming pools, fitness rooms and areas for sports practice.

Apartment rental

For those who will stay longer in one of the cities, there are options for renting apartments, which can be shared with other students. The important thing is to find the best roommate, so that the coexistence is the best possible and you can make the most of your stay in the chosen city.


Hostels are really common to find in Brazil. They are a cheaper option for students and you can meet other students like you. Besides this, it's a place where you can find cleaning and food services easily.


A rental of room in a homestay is a good option for those who want to broaden their knowledge about Brazilian culture. Some families rent a room and it's really comfortable and safe to stay in touch with them.

Students Residences

There are also residences for students both mixed and separated by gender. They are spaces that gather only students and, therefore, become a stronghold of exchange of culture and knowledge.