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              Why Le Cordon Bleu

              With over 120 years of experience in tradition and excellence, Le Cordon Bleu has become a global benchmark in culinary education. With well-known Diplomas for their prestige and quality, the student will learn the gastronomical techniques from the Le Cordon Bleu Chefs, masters in the education and haute cuisine fields.
              The Spanish headquarters of Le Cordon Bleu is the third European school of the prestigious French institution. It teaches the traditional courses of Cuisine, Pastry and Bakery that are shared with most of the international headquarters of the institution. Among these, the Madrid school has developed a diploma in Spanish Cuisine, specialized in the techniques, recipes and ingredients of the Spanish gastronomy.


              From the more traditional dishes to the sophisticated avant-garde creations, the city of Madrid offers an endless number of options to enrich your culinary adventure at Le Cordon Bleu.
              Its geographical location and an advanced transport network, places Madrid at a few hours’ time from cities like Valence, Seville or Barcelona. Immerse in the Spanish culture through their architecture, history and diversity. You’ll understand why gastronomy plays such an important role in our day to day life.

              Our programs

              What are you expecting from haute cuisine? Learn to understand the culinary process, to interact with the products and to interpret the language of cookery: the technique. Only then you’ll be able to develop your abilities to express your own gastronomical vision.
              The School offers you a wide range of programs and courses, with alternatives for every level and educational need: From shorts courses for amateurs to professional programmes specialized in the technique (Diplomas and Certificates), available in the areas of Cuisine, Spanish Cuisine, Pastry and Bakery. The academic offerings are completed with a university degree in collaboration with the University Francisco de Vitoria.


              • catalina-gomez
                The advice I would give to those who want to study at this school is that, if the really like to cook or to bake, if the really think the gastronomical world is for them, then don’t be afraid and enrol because, even though it will demand a lot of hard work and lots of effort, they won’t regret it, if this is your passion this is the ideal place to study.
                Catalina Gómez
              • Inés-Henriques-Da-Silva
                If I had to analyse my career up until today, my biggest step was the decision to quit the banking and come to learn to Le Cordon Bleu and, after that, starting my own business, which has been a lifelong dream of mine. Le Cordon Bleu has really given me the confidence and the knowledge I needed to launch into this industry and to bake pastry with a different touch.
                Inés Henriques Da Silva
              • eduardo-agudo
                Here you'll learn everything. They teach you that, whatever challenge you take up, you´ll be able to overcome it. I would recommend it to anyone who likes cooking and really wants to learn."
                Eduargo Agudo
              • Carlos-Linero-Noguera
                I’m speechless, the school has, by far, exceeded my expectations. Mostly by fact of being taught by great chefs, they are teachers with capital letters… ultimately, a great family which I’m extremely proud to be a part of. Life has given me a second chance.
                Carlos Linero Noguera
              • Cristobal-Muñoz
                For me it has been a stage in life where I could only gain: gain knowledge, gain friends, gain experience and the desire to better myself every day.
                Cristóbal Muñoz
              • Tomas-Eduardo-Bravo
                For me, being a student at Le Cordon Bleu has been a really big opportunity, to be part of this prestigious school and of a select group of students has been an honour. My advice to those considering studying at Le Cordon Bleu is, simply, to not overthink it, if they want to start a career in the gastronomical industry, for me, this is their best choice.
                Tomás Eduardo Bravo
              • Gabriella Steegmann
                I love this school, I miss it very much and would love to be able to return. In nine months they teach you everything you would have learned at another school in years. It is very intense and you have to practice a lot but the rewards are great.
                Gabriela Steegmann

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