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Pâtisserie Intermédiaire
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Refining and Developing your Skills

Devote more time to decoration and presentation of your cakes

Pâtisserie Intermédiaire is based on practice and repetition. As students master important techniques such as making a sponge or bavarian cream, students become more efficient.

The Intermediate Module:

  • Artistic decorative skills
    • Learn fine line and border piping and extension work using Royal icing
  • Variations on restaurant desserts
    • Learn to prepare frozen desserts such as ice cream & sorbet and other cream and custard filled desserts
  • Miniaturization - sweet petits fours
    • Learn the art of miniaturization and sweet petits fours
  • Classic and contemporary presentations
    • Discover classic and contemporary presentations
  • Bavarian creams & mousses
    • Learn to create delectable Bavarian creams and mousses found in typical french pastry shops
  • Caramel & nougatine
    • Use caramel and nougatine to assemble and decorate croquembouche
  • Chocolate work
    • Develop chocolate hand tempering & dipping skills

Price of Pâtisserie Intermédiaire: $8,394.00 CAD for 3 months
Admission: January, April, June, October every year

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This program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005