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Professionnellesプロフェッショナルシリーズ 食材研究

Ingredient Series

Ingredient Series

To acquire deeper knowledge of basic ingredients, learn about the latest news in the industry and various ways to handle ingredients from leading specialists in the industry—these are the courses that will help you enhance your knowledge base for creating, and modifying existing cuisine, pastry, or bakery recipes. These classes are taught in lecture style and open to everyone who are eager to deepen their culinary knowledge.

Ingredient 1:Vinegar
Japanese Vinegar – komezu (rice vinegar) & kasuzu (sake lees vinegar)

Japanese Vinegar

Used to balance flavours or introduce colour and texture to dishes, vinegar, with its range of functions in cooking, is a familiar ingredient for Japanese people.

In this class, we will delve into the origins of and production methods for komezu (rice vinegar) and kasuzu,(sake lees vinegar) and compare their unique characteristics with other vinegars from around the globe.

We will also explore the use of vinegar in cuisine and explain the science behind how it works in cooking.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to learn from Japan's leading vinegar-producers, Mizkan!

Duration : 2.5 hours Fee : ¥5,000

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Vinegar(Japnanese・Chinese) 11/13(Fri) 18:00-20:30 Apply