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Our culinary art programs are renowned worldwide for their quality, technical rigour and level of requirement. Our methodology combines, day by day, demonstration classes with practical classes, in which the student will reproduce the work elaborated by the chef and apply the learnt techniques.
You can study the Diploma in Culinary Arts or start one of its certificates, depending on your interests and training needs.

Cuisine Diploma
Diploma in Culinary ArtsThe Diploma in Culinary Arts is a nine-month program consisting of three certificates: Basic, Intermediate and Superior. This is the most interesting option for students who want to gain training in the shortest possible time.
The duration of the course is 30 weeks (540 hours). Usually, students have 3 demonstration sessions and 3 practical sessions of 3 hours each per week. The classes may take place from 8.30 to 21.00. They also have the possibility of taking the Basic Certificate with the intensive schedule and the weekend schedule.
Students will obtain a certificate for each of the levels taken and will be awarded the Diploma in Culinary Arts when all three levels are completed.

Cuisine Certificates
Certificate in Culinary ArtsMany students decide not to enrol directly for the Diploma and prefer to start from the Basic Certificate. Once it is completed, you may continue with the Intermediate and Superior levels to obtain the Diploma. Each Certificate course has a duration of 180 hours.


Teaching dates of the Diploma:
7th January 2016 – 30th September 2016
1th April 2016 – 24th December 2016

Length: 540 hours

Diploma's Fees

Application fee 1.500€
Tuition fee 21.400€
Total amount 22.900€


It provides basic knowledge on culinary arts and introduces the student to the world of techniques. From the very first day, the assimilation of the concepts explained during the demonstration classes is reinforced with practice in the kitchen. During the classes, students work in depth on the main cuts, cooking methods and the making of mother sauces. Progressively, the development of techniques become more complex and the training is complemented with other concepts necessary for the conservation and knowledge of products, as well as the comprehension of current cuisine and its history.       Students will have the opportunity to apply the techniques learnt in the Basic Level course on a gastronomic tour around the different regions of France. Daily work in the kitchens is the key to accomplish the tasks in a natural and instinctive way and allows the incorporation of complex techniques. During the last stage of the certificate, the student takes a Traiteur course, based on catering, which focuses on the preparation of a main course and its garnish. During this exercise, students learn about organization and teamwork.       Respect for the classic techniques is indispensable to understand the evolution and current situation of modern cuisine. Students develop their aptitude for decoration and presentation of the dishes with recipes inspired by menus of the best restaurants. The introduction of local products and ingredients maximizes creativity and opens the student mind. To attain the Diploma, students must pass a final exam consisting of the elaboration of a dish and its garnish, within a specific time frame and respecting the obligatory techniques.

Available Calendar and Schedules for Basic Certificate:

Standard Schedule:

7th  January 2016 – 31st March 2016
1th April 2016 – 30th June 2016

Weekend Schedule:
1st October 201530th June 2016


Available Calendar and Schedules for Intermediate Certificate:

Standard Schedule:
7th  January 2016 – 31st March 2016
1st April 2016 – 30th June 2016
Weekend Schedule:
1st October 2015 –30th June 2016

Available Calendar and Schedules for Superior Certificate:

Standard Schedule:
7th  January 2016 – 31st March 2016
1th April 2016 – 30th June 2016
Weekend Schedule:
1st October 201530th June 2016


Basic Certificate's fees

Application fee 500€
Tuition fees 8.050€
Total amount 8.550€

Intermediate Certificate's fees

Application fee 500€
Tuition fees 8.150€
Total amount 8.650€

Superior Certificate`s fees

Application fee 500€
Tuition fees 8.250€
Total amount 8.750€



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