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Cuisine Intermédiaire
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Precision and Efficiency in the Kitchen

Refine and become more efficient in the kitchen as you use your new skills and techniques to create famous recipes

Study French regional cuisines, ingredients and origins and study the most famous recipes from France. Through practice and repetition, you will begin to perform tasks with more ease while the chef instructors highlight presentations from platter to plate.

The Intermediate Module:

  • Product origins and influences on regional cuisine
    • Be introduced to the twelve regions of France and the unique cooking styles of the different regions
  • More advanced technical cuts (butchery) and presentation
    • Learn how to cut a wide array of various meats and how to recognize and use these cuts
  • Introduction to charcuterie
    • Use your new found skills to prepare and present different pâtés, terrines and foie gras
  • Seasonings and flavour appreciation in classic cuisine
    • Learn the uses of various spices across a wide array of recipes.
  • Food presentation techniques
    • Learn the art of presentation for platter & plates
  • Introduction to colour, taste and texture combinations
    • Learn how garnishes, sauces and colour can enhance any plate
  • Learn to work as part of brigade
    • Take on the role of various positions in the kitchen during workshops

Price of Cuisine Intermédiaire: $9,512.00 CAD for 3 months
Admission: January, April, June, October every year

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This program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005