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Basic Cuisine Certificate

Basic Cuisine Certificate is an intensive program that opens the door to the mastery of French cuisine techniques used all over the world.

It is designed to develop your skills and competencies in preparation for work in today’s competitive professional kitchen.

Beginning with basic knife skills, vegetable cuts and butchery, the class advances to learning how to prepare stock, sauces and soups and different cooking methods. You will also learn French culinary terminologies, food safety, different ways of properly cooking eggs and preparing dough, among other essential culinary lessons.

As the term progresses, techniques are layered on one another and become more complex. Sessions become more dish-oriented, incorporating elements as preparation, organization, timing and balance.

You will also have developed personal kitchen organization skill through individual practical application and have learned how to use herbs and spices to complement your dishes.

As a solid foundation in culinary art and technology, this program is for beginners and for those with kitchen experience already but wish to strengthen and enhance their skills.

Basic Cuisine is the first step, followed by Intermediate and Superior in completing your Cuisine Diploma.


4 Intakes Yearly: January, April, July, October

Duration: 3 months / 1 term

Program Fee Inclusions :

  - Ingredients
  - 2 sets of uniforms
  - Zwilling knife and tool kit
  - Learning materials

Hours per week : 18 hours approximately (may extend)

Teaching method :
  - Lecture
  - Chef demonstration
  - Hands-on practical with strong one-on-one guidance from the Chef Instructor
  - Assessment and feedback

Language : English

Entry requirements :
  - 18 years old and above
  - High school graduate
  - No prior culinary experience required

 Demonstrate fundamental cuisine preparation and cooking techniques including:
  - Knife skills and basic butchery (vegetables, poultry, flat and round fish, meat)
  - Different stock preparation
  - Emulsified and mother sauce
  - Soups and cream
  - Eggs cooking techniques
  - Basic doughs (pasta, feuilletage, pate brissé, etc.)
  - Cooking methods (braising, pan frying, boiling, deep frying, roasting, steaming, etc.)
  - Introduction to offal
  - French culinary terms & definitions
  - Organization, hygiene and food safety


First Intake: Oct. 7 - Dec. 18, 2019*

Schedule :
Mon, Wed & Fri or Tue, Thurs & Sat.

Hours :
6.5 hours / day (may extend)

Intake and class schedule may change

For more information please contact:
Matt Mabansag
Program Sales Officer
Le Cordon Bleu Ateneo de Manila
GF George SK Ty Learning Innovation Wing, Arete
Ateneo de Manila University, Katipunan Avenue,
Loyola Heights, Quezon City

Tel :(+632) 4266001 local 5381