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About Chef Florian Guillemenot

At Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia, not only we offer the most comprehensive training in classic French culinary techniques available today, with many hands-on hours in teaching kitchens under the guidance of world-class chefs, we also lead by example. By walking the talk, it goes without saying that our instructors are also a mentor to our students, in or outside the baking class.

A wise man once said, “Everything is uncertain. Eat dessert first” and George Bernard Shaw famously said, “There is no sincerer love than the love of food”. Our Pastry Chef Instructor believes that if one makes a cake with love, the person who eats it will be filled with happiness, because no matter how we sauté and bake them, love and food are simply inextricable.

Chef Florian Guillemenot helms our Pastry School in Kuala Lumpur. Hailing from the very cultured Seine-et-Marne, France, he has been with Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia since 2015 as Pastry Chef Instructor. Chef Florian started his love affair with pâtisserie many years ago. It is his apprenticeship in 2000 at the Sainte Anne catering school in Saint-Nazaire, in the south of France that he exposed himself to what the world has to offer, when it comes to pâtisserie. His (literally) sweet love has taken him to every part of the world, all in the name of chocolate work, showpiece and pastry technology, believing that nothing beats hands-on experience and having a teacher who takes a great interest in the students.


Bringing his wealth of knowledge to the diverse Le Cordon Bleu Kuala Lumpur, Che Florian’s career path has been a colourful one.  With his prestigious qualifications, he launched his career at 5-star Royal Thalassothérapie at La Baule. As a testament of his love for the world of pastry, he even left home for Oslo, Norway where he had a stint at Pascal, a notable Relais Desserts establishment by Pascal Dupuy. His journey continued at Bristol Hotel where he was Chef de Partie Pâtisserie before he embarked on a voyage to Scandinavia, Finland as Pastry Chef of a French pastry shop called Frambois. Upon his return to France, he dedicated some time to obtain his Master Diploma of Pastry (BM Pâtisserie) at the National Institute of Bakery and Pastry (INBP- Institut National de la Boulangerie Pâtisserie).  It is at this point that Chef Florian was entrusted to share his pâtisserie expertise as a trainer at the INBP in France, South Korea, Luxembourg, and Russia.


It is true when they say, food makes the world go round, and pastries are no exception. In this case, Chef Florian’s sweet love takes him around the world teaching students to create the most tantalising and delectable pastries with his relentless creativity. After spending four years at the INBP, he was ready to work his way up, spreading his pâtisserie wings to Japan as a pastry chef for a year. Perhaps upon realising he couldn’t get enough of Asia, he then joined the blue team at Le Cordon Bleu. Chef Florian was nominated twice (2017/2018) as the Best Pastry Chef at the World Gourmet Summit in Singapore. He won the acclaim title in 2018, an event deemed to be the Oscar of the Culinary, F&B world in Asia Pacific..


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