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              Here we present the testimonials of some students of Le Cordon Bleu Mexico that must transcend in the gastronomic world. These are just some examples of when the effort, dedication and motivation combines to create positive results that lead to success.


              • Virginia Barbiaux Reyes

                Being at Le Cordon Bleu Mexico is like being in your second home. One of the best experiences of my life. You meet amazing people of all the world. The experienced Chefs have given me passion for gastronomy and how to be professional. No matter how much experience you have in a kitchen, this school will always be the best option. You learn all the cuisine and pastry bases and how to take full advantage of your products. I'm sure that Le Grand Diplôme will give me access to opportunities to start new business in the future.

                Virginia Barbiaux Reyes
              • Testimonio2-250x250

                My main goal was to learn Pastry techniques. From the beginning, I liked the discipline, order and cleanliness that Le Cordon Bleu Chefs always required when cooked. One of the added values that gave the alliance of Le Cordon Bleu - Anahuac was the teaching method based on the delicate individual work. Study in Le Cordon Bleu Mexico was the key to start my business of desserts, mexican candys, sugar decorations and cakes.

                José Ignacio González Quinzaños
              • Testimonio1-250x250

                Le Cordon Bleu was for me the beginning of my career in gastronomy. It is a school where culinary techniques are the basic tool of work. Chefs not only taught her recipes, but the history and culture of French gastronomy, in conclusion the "Art de Vivre". Proper management and discipline techniques I developed in Le Cordon Bleu helped me to take my business very serious and professional manner.

                Belén Alonso Nogueira

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