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Pâtisserie de Base Intensive
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An Introduction to Creating Fine French Pastry

Learn the classic techniques of combining ingredients into a rich pastries

Learn to create a diversity of pastries, traditional desserts, cakes and doughs. The demonstrations and practical sessions will lead you through the basic techniques and recipes of French pastry.

The Basic Module:

  • Basic doughs
    • Prepare short crust doughs, sweet doughs, short cake doughs, pâte à choux, puff pastry, quiches, tartes and others
  • Introduction to Creams and Fillings
    • Learn to make a variety of creams and fillings – a key ingredient to many desserts
  • Traditional Cakes and Desserts
    • Learn to make traditional Éclairs and Saint Honoré and other french classical desserts
  • Classical techniques and basic decoration
    • From whisking to piping, learn classical french pastry techniques
  • Masking & glazing desserts
    • Learn the art of masking and glazing desserts - techniques which are commonly used for finishing cakes
  • Introduction to viennoiserie
    • Learn to prepare croissants and brioches, pain au chocolat and danish pastries and others
  • Basic French Pastry terminology