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Taste of Asia ‘ India’


Taste of Asia - India

The cuisine of India is rich and is recognised all over the world for its characteristics. It is diverse and has been enriched with various influences both by invasions and religion. These influences have brought about an assortment of dishes and cooking techniques in Indian society today.

A traditional Indian meal usually comprises of two or three main courses with many side dishes such as chutneys or roti. The most important parts of the Indian cuisine are rice, flour and pulses including lentils.

  • Spices: Making a traditional Butter chicken marinade
  • Chicken: Cooking a Murgh Makhni (Butter Chicken)
  • Lamb: Making a Madras lamb curry
  • Rice: Cooking traditional pilau rice
  • Bread: Preparing and cooking naan bread
  • Chutney: Making an Indian style chutney
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