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Advanced Chocolate Workshop

From Bean to Chocolate

Step in to find everything you need to take your skills to the next level, whether you’re new to the world of high-quality chocolate and couverture, looking to expand your range of techniques, or seeking inspiration. Our step-by-step From Bean To Chocolate course from our expert Chef will show you how to master techniques in melting, tempering, dipping, producing candies, spreads, fillings, and chocolate bars so you can reproduce the recipes, and start creating your own. With a wide variety of topics you'll be able to discover how to work with chocolate at its purest, revealing its potential and its unique qualities.

Dates: 7 days (20 to 22 & 27 to 30 June 2022)

Time: Starts at 10.00 AM (4hrs each day)

Price: 3,500 USD

Seats are limited booked your spot on 81-277 768 or 09-857 577