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Meats and Fish Terrines


This tow-day cooking course aims to teach you the art of making a French cuisine specialty.

A terrine is a pâté made in a pottery container.

Under the guidance of a Le Cordon Bleu Master Chef you will learn, the first day, the essential cooking skills required to expertly prepare a variety of Meats and Fish Terrines. The second day will be preserved for the plating of the terrines with the dry fruits and vegetables. Alongside these techniques you will be taught how to prepare a range of exquisite recipes, all of which can easily be replicated at home.

On the Menu:

  • Pork Brawn
  • Duck & Fois Gras
  • Pork Countryside
  • Red Mullet Terrine with Artichokes
  • Rabbit Terrine with Hazelnuts
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