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Basic Pâtisserie is designed to give students a strong foundation on which to build their pastry skills and knowledge. Students learn to prepare a wide selection of desserts and pastries through practical sessions and demonstrations. This course lasts 3 months.

Certificate Details

  • Course Structure
    Basic Pâtisserieis an introduction to French Pastry. The certificate teaches the fundamental techniques of doughs, creams and fillings necessary to achieve successful creations. Throughout three months, the following fundamental skills and techniques will be studied: knife skills elementary sugar cooking techniques tart production techniques basic pastry doughs e.g. short crust, sweet dough and puff pastry simple breads petits fours baking skills basic entremet skills piping techniques Additionally students will learn how to follow health, safety and hygiene regulations, as well as gaining basic wine and cheese knowledge. The certificate also aims at developing personal kitchen organisation and management skills. Le Cordon Bleu’s unrivalled teaching methods are based on learning and understanding classical cooking techniques through practice and discipline, and once mastered, can be applied to any cuisine in the world. The Basic Pâtisserie Certificate combines demonstrations and hands-on practical classes in professionally equipped kitchens.
  • Who is this programme for?
    We welcome students from a variety of different educational and occupational backgrounds. No prior culinary experience is required.
  • Term Dates

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    Jul 1, 2024 - Sep 21, 2024 ( Standard , in English , French )
    Oct 1, 2024 - Dec 21, 2024 ( Standard , in English , French )
    Jan 7, 2025 - Mar 28, 2025 ( Standard , in English , French )

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