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Careers and jobs after a Le Cordon Bleu education

Le Cordon Bleu is recognised globally for the excellence of its teaching. Many of our alumni experience great success in a variety of different career choices, some reaching the highest honours and awards.

Notorious personalities are part of the Le Cordon Bleu family including Julia Child, Nancy Silverton, Nathalie Dupree, Juan Arbelaez, Allen Susser, James Peterson, Mary Berry, Lydia Shire, Giada De Laurentiis, Gastón Acurio, Virgilio Martínez Véliz, Ronald Reagan, Lorena Velazquez, Ming Tsai, Kathleen Flinn and many more.

Le Cordon Bleu graduates thrive in a variety of roles such as journalists, food critics, writers, food photographers, chefs, entrepreneurs, teachers, hospitality and restaurant managers, consultants, nutritionists, broadcasters, sommeliers, wine agents, food & beverage managers and retailers to name a few!

To showcase the variety of careers and jobs available after a Le Cordon Bleu education, our alumni are happy to share with you insight on their roles, how they got there, how Le Cordon Bleu led them to these achievements, and advice for those aspiring to do the same in the future.


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Alumni Profiles

Sarah El Khoury

Sarah El Khoury, Business Founder
Andrew Gibbon
Andrew Gibbon, Research Chef
Michelin Dapo
Michelin Dapo, Business Owner
Cristina Martins
Cristina Martins, Content Co-ordinator
Brian Chen
Brian Chen, Chef & Educator
Hyewoon Yang
Hyewoon Yang, CSR Programme Director
Wookjung Lee
Wookjung Lee, TV Producer & Presenter
Edwin David Acosta
Edwin David Acosta, Teacher & Entrepreneur
Selin Ekim
Selin Ekim, Writer & Olive Producer
Marlon Walter Chanjan Ghio
Marlon Walter Chanjan Ghio, Gastronomic Promoter
Marina de Massiac
Marina de Massiac, Journalist
Joanna Asmar
Joanna Asmar, Chef & CEO
Juan Sebastián Pérez
Juan Sebastián Pérez, Executive Chef & Entrepreneur
Elif Günay
Elif Günay, Business Development
Sabrina Tessier
Sabrina Tessier, Marketing Director
Daniel Sosa
Daniel Sosa, Executive Chef
Renata Pilat Curado Portasio
Renata Pilat Curado Portasio, Private Chef
Laura Fabiola Herrerías Carranza
Laura Fabiola Herrerías Carranza, R&D Director
Pachara Thakerngkiat
Pachara Thakerngkiat, Executive Chef
Julia Shirley
Julia Shirley, Private Chef

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