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Certificat de Commis de Pâtisserie

Similar to the Certificat de Commis de Cuisine. At this level, the student will combine the knowledge and artistic skills learned in Certificat d’Assistant and Certificat de Cadet while perfecting skills through personal interpretation and developing advanced levels of artistic and creative work.


Variety of classic pastries and cakes

  • Sweet yeast products
  • Advanced gateaux and tortes
  • Desserts for dietary requirements
  • Boulangerie – bread products – advanced
  • Afternoon Tea menus
  • Preparation and service of espresso coffee
  • Application of menu presentation
  • Modern approach to plate design and presentation to restaurant standards
  • Presentation and service requirements of the finished menu
  • Organize and prepare mise en place for a restaurant
  • Teamwork
  • Career preparation and workplace communications
  • Petit four classic and contemporary chocolate box
  • Presentation of petit fours

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