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Grand Diplôme Programas de Cocina Programas de Pastelería Programas de Cocina Española Diploma de Alta panadería Proceso de admisión

Admission procedure
Enrolment letter and visa
Equipment and uniform



    1. The necessary documents to apply for a course are the following: 
      • Completed and signed application form
      • Signed 'Admission, enrolment and method of payment policy'.
      • ID or passport copy.
      • Cover letter stating professional objectives and reasons for choosing Le Cordon Bleu Madrid. Between 300 and 500 words.
      • One photo (passport size).
      • Written proof, of any course taken at Le Cordon Bleu;where applicable.
    2. The application form and the rest of the documents must be sent to the Admission Department:

    3. The student can apply for one of the four existing annual calls: January, April, July and October. The application period for the next courses is now open.


    1. Our programs are aimed at people over 18 years old interested in gaining training and integral knowledge on the fundamentals of international gastronomy.


  1. It is an essential prerequisite for students whose mother tongue is different from Spanish, to prove appropriate writing and speaking skills in Spanish language because all the courses will be taught in Spanish. The School may require a B2 Level (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, teaching, assessment - CEFR) in Spanish language if they deem it appropriate.



Step 1: Personal interview
Once the student application form is received, the School will assess it and will schedule an interview with the student. Applicants who do not live in Madrid may have a phone or Skype interview.

Step 2: Admission notification
The School will notify the students of their admission by phone or letter. This admission letter and the attached documents are essential to continue with the student enrolment process in the School.

Step 3: Place reservationStudents who have been admitted must reserve a place if they do not want to lose their right to enrol. They may pay for the reservation of their place within 10 days following the date of their admission letter. The student must send the tuition fee proof of payment to
If the reservation amount is not paid within 10 days following the date of their admission letter, the student will not have a granted place in the School.

Step 4: School enrolmentWhen the place reservation has been paid for, the student will be sent all the necessary information to enrol in the School.. Such documents must be completed, signed and sent to the School along with the payment of the rest of the tuition fee at least 8 weeks before the beginning of the course. Only students that have fully paid the tuition fee before the set deadline may enrol in the School and start the classes.

In case of vacancies, students can apply for a course 8 weeks before the beginning of the course. In that event, the admission procedure and the payment deadline will be those established by the School.


Enrolment letter and visa

When all the enrolment documents and the proof of payment have been received, the School will send the 'Enrolment Letter' to the student. This document certifies the student enrolment in the School and is necessary to apply for a student visa.
To start their classes, international students who do not live in the European Union must apply for a student visa in the Consulate or Embassy of their countries of origin showing their 'Enrolment Letter' along with the rest of the documents the Consulate may require. Students who need a visa are advised to fully pay the course programme 2 or 3 months before the beginning of the classes to avoid problems with the visa period of granting.



Equipment and uniform

All the students who are taking one of Le Cordon Bleu courses for the first time will be provided two complete uniforms, a knife kit and utensils that are necessary for the development of the classes as well as a folder with each course recipes.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on or call us on (+34) 91 715 10 46.

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