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              Le Cordon Bleu-Sookmyung Academy is proud of facilities where our students are trained and they will feel and experience the same atmosphere of France at the academy. Every class rooms are named after famous historical French chefs.

              Demonstration Rooms

              Demonstration rooms are place fully equipped and feature large overhead mirrors, monitors and an audio-visual system. The course is conducted in French so our professional interpreters will translate in Korean timely basis during the class. They helps student to get correct information and build a strong communication skills with chefs while studying. **Classrooms: CHEVET and BRAZIER

              Practice Rooms

              Practice rooms are designed to meet the needs of the highest level of professional training, kitchens with the most up-to-date equipment and students with their own individual work space. These professionally equipped kitchens are limited for 14 students only to one chef and fully set to get trained just like actual work stations. For our bread baking program, spacious and flat worktable for making dough is available now at atelier. Various equipments are fully prepared for its great flavor and taste. ** Classrooms: POULARD, TATIN, FAVRE, POINT


              It is very opened for students to use before and after class. Removal of partition through the demonstration room allows bringing into special events.


              The sister company of Le Cordon Bleu, Pierre Deux, decorated an interior for our restaurant and its menu is based on our executive chef's numerous experiences for the great taste using fresh ingredients. There has a taditional French styled room available for VIPs. Official opening of restaurant is planned to announce.

              **VIP Room:MONSLET.