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Diplôme de Cuisine
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Your Entrée into the Exciting World of Professional Cuisine

Advance through basic, intermediate and superior levels of cuisine and earn a diploma that is welcomed in the world's finest kitchens

Use the plate as your canvas and gain the knowledge, discipline and understanding of technical skills that encourage your creativity and natural talent to blossom. These methods can be applied to any style of cuisine.

Cuisine de Base

A comprehensive introduction to French cuisine providing classic cuisine skills and techniques— knife handling and care, hygiene and sanitation,classic knife cuts, cooking methods, food preparation, mise-en-place, palate training, and culinary terminology.

Cuisine Intermédiare

An in-depth study of French regional cuisines, ingredients, classifications and origins including seasonings and flavour appreciation along with advanced techniques in butchery, organization, food costing, production, and plate presentation.

Cuisine Supérieure

The current evolution of French techniques and the mastery of classic and contemporary cuisine includes precision and speed in the kitchen, refined and luxury products, recipe development and menu design, seasonal and market influences as well as an introduction to restaurant operations.

Price of the Diplôme de Cuisine: $27,912.00 CAD for 9 months
Admission: January, April, June, October every year

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This program is approved as a vocational program under the Private Career Colleges Act, 2005