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Off-Campus Housing
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Students are responsible for finding their own accommodation.Students find housing minutes from the school and throughout the city. In some instances, students share accommodations with other students and peers.

The following Ottawa housing websites offer various types of housing at different price budgets.

Begin your housing search as soon as you receive your letter of offer.

Useful Links

Craigslist Classifieds: Ottawa, Hull, Gatineau

Free Ottawa Classifieds

Kijiji Ottawa

Ottawa Citizen Classifieds

Ottawa Classifieds 4 U

Ottawa Kiosk

Renters Hotline

Rent Seeker

We do not inspect the listed units and therefore cannot make any recommendations regarding your choice of accommodation.

Housing search tips:

Here are some tips to start your journey to find housing:
  • Start your housing search early.
  • Try to find housing in the close to Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa
  • Find out if the dwelling is close to all amenities.
  • Remember to ask the landlord some important questions such as:
    • How much is rent? When is it due? Are utilities, parking and cable included?
    • Is a deposit required?
    • What are the rules regarding subletting?
    • Are there proper exits in case of fire, and are they clearly marked? Is there a smoke detector(s) in the dwelling?
    • Is there proper lighting and ventilation? Are there ceiling fixtures, or do you have to provide lamps?
    • Are there storm windows? Do windows open and close properly?
    • Do all of the appliances work?
    • If possible, try visiting the neighbourhood or building at night. Is it safe and quiet?


When developing your budget for the year, here are some approximate costs for you to consider per month:
  • Utilities: Heat $30 - $150
  • Hydro: $30 - $75
  • Telephone: Installation - $50, Monthly fees - $29 - $42
  • Cable: Installation - $55 approx, monthly fees - $100
  • Food: $200 - $250 per month
  • Household Supplies: $30 - $40 per month
  • Entertainment: Depending on lifestyle, it may cost around $50 per week
  • Student Bus Pass - $76.75 per month (Regular Routes), $90.25 per month (Express Routes)

OC Transpo -
STO (Interprovincial Bus Transit)-

Taxi Services
Blue Line
Capital Taxi

Ottawa Hydro -

Telephone and Cable
Bell Canada -
Rogers -

City of Ottawa