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Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa Culinary Arts Institute is North Americas only campus for Le Cordon Bleu.

Le Cordon Bleu is the leading global network of culinary arts and hospitality management institutes, we understand that choosing the right culinary path can be a big decision. Whether you’re looking to start a new career, follow your passion for pastry or cuisine, or advance your culinary techniques as an aspiring chef, we can help you prepare and plan your academic, professional and personal pathway with our team of experienced culinary experts.

Our Programmes & Courses

  • Grand Diplôme®

    Diplôme de Cuisine + Diplôme de Pâtisserie

    Give yourself a career advantage! GRAND DIPLÔME® program will provide you with cuisine and pastry techniques required of today's top culinary professionals. The focus on mastering technical skills will give you the confidence and knowledge to apply what you have learnt to any style of cuisine. GRAND DIPLÔME® is recognized and respected worldwide.

    Diplôme de Cuisine 9 months • Diploma Cuisine de Base 11 weeks • Certificate Cuisine Intermédiare 11 weeks • Certificate • Prerequisite: Cuisine de Base Cuisine Supérieure 11 weeks • Certificate • Prerequisite: Cuisine de Intermédiaire

    Diplôme de Pâtisserie 9 months • Diploma Pâtisserie de Base 11 weeks • Certificate Pâtisserie Intermédiare 11 weeks • Certificate • Prerequisite: Pâtisserie de Base Pâtisserie Supérieure 11 weeks • Certificate • Prerequisite: Pâtisserie de Intermédiaire

  • Cuisine

    Pursue the Art of Cuisine! Master basic to advanced culinary techniques which can be applied to any style of cuisine. Explore French culinary tradition, cuisines and current trends from around the world. Advance through basic, intermediate and superior levels of cuisine and earn a diploma that is welcomed in the world's finest kitchens. 4 intakes each year: January, April, July, OctoberCuisine de Base11 weeks • Certificate

    • Introduction to French cuisine
    • Classic knife cuts and culinary techniques
    • Food preparation and mise en place
    • Palate training

    Cuisine Intermédiaire 11 weeks • Certificate • Prerequisite: Cuisine de Base

    • Regional cuisines of France
    • Advanced techniques and presentation
    • Appreciation of seasoning and flavours
    • Butchery techniques

    Cuisine Supérieure 11 weeks • Certificate • Prerequisite: Cuisine Intermédiaire

    • Precision and speed in the kitchen
    • Recipe development and menu design
    • Seasonal and market influences on cuisine
    • Introduction to restaurant operations
  • Pastry & Confectionery

    Develop your pastry skills! Courses range from initiation, short courses and basic through advanced pastry techniques to boutique style desserts, world delicacies and precise techniques. The Diplôme de Pâtisserie can be completed in 9 months. It is also possible to apply for the certificates individually, beginning with Basic Cuisine. Advance through basic, intermediate and superior levels of pastry and earn a diploma that is welcomed in the world's finest bakeries and kitchens. 4 intakes each year: January, April, July, October

    Pâtisserie de Base11 weeks • Certificate

    • Introduction to French pâtisserie
    • Basic doughs and fillings
    • Mousses, traditional desserrs and cakes
    • Classic techniques and basic decoration

     Pâtisserie Intermédiaire 11 weeks • Certificate • Prerequisite: Pâtisserie de Base

    • Refine artistic and decorative skills
    • Variations on restaurant desserts
    • Introduction to chocolate: tempering and dipping
    • Caramel, nougatine and sugar work

     Pâtisserie Supérieure 11 weeks • Certificate • Prerequisite: Pâtisserie Intermédiaire

    • Dessert menus
    • Decoration and presentation, flavour, aroma and spices
    • Hand-dipped and moulded chocolates
    • Sculpture and display in chocolate and sugar
  • Boulangerie
    Sharpen your baking techniques! The art and craft of Boulangerie is a much-needed skill and our programmes provide an outlet to service the ever-increasing worldwide demand. As a result, we have introduced specialized programs designed to focus on skilled techniques of classical Boulangerie, mastered by the French so many years ago.
    Boulangerie de Base 12 weeks • Certificate
    • Bakery Theory
      • The student will begin with an in-depth look at the core fundamentals of baking and food safety. Topics covered include types and choices of ingredients, baking techniques, the fundamentals of fermentation and food safety, among others.
    • Introduction to Yeast Doughs
      • The student will learn and understand the factors that influence yeast growth and finished dough structure. Topics covered include: development, fermentation, proofing, shaping and patterns with products including baguettes, bagels, rolls and others.
    • Breakfast and Specialty Breads
      • Laminated & rich doughs are studied. Products such as croissants and brioche, among many others, are perfected. The student will also be exposed to international viennoiseries styles such as stollen, pannetone and danish.
    • Artisan Breads
      • Development of starters such as Poolish and Sourdough are put into practice with products including rye bread and ciabatta, among others. The student will also learn how to use specialty flours to address dietary restrictions.
  • Gourmet & Short Courses

    For beginners, gourmet enthusiasts or those wanting to be the best house party host, a wide range of courses have been designed to satisfy the time and budget conscious. From knife skills to cake decorating, we offer over 24 short courses each year!

Living & Studying in Ottawa

Ottawa is rated as the top student city in Canada! According to Top Universities – it’s student-centered culture, multicultural and bilingual environment, friendliness and tolerance make it the best city to study in.

Ottawa is commonly regarded as one of the safest and livable cities in Canada! According to a study by Mainstreet and Postmedia it is in fact Canada’s safest city!

Ottawa ranks as the most educated city in the country! In fact, a 2016 study by Bav Consulting and Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, found that Canada ranks number 2 in the best countries for education.

Work up to 20 hours per week while you study! Recent changes to the Canadian Student Visa Program now permit international students to work up to 20 hours per week while studying in Canada. More info.

Lonely Planet named the country the best travel destination for 2017 and The New York Times has just ranked Canada the #1 place to visit in 2017! Not to mention Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary as a nation and Ottawa is hosting a year-long program full of events, including festivals and activities.

Ottawa is an incredibly welcoming and multicultural city! Almost 25% of its residents born outside of Canada. It’s officially a bilingual, French-and English city. Take advantage of the opportunity to learn the French and English language.

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  • daniel katayama
    During my nine months studying the Diplôme de Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa, I received a lot of teachings that helped me become a better human being, both in a professional and personal way. Seven months after I graduated, I managed to give birth to a dream that Le Cordon Bleu helped me nurture: I now own a 40 seat cafe in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and I’m about to open a 120 seat restaurant.
    Daniel Katayama - DIPLÔME DE CUISINE 2014
  • melanie
    The people here are incredible! Obviously there is the learning experience, but also the ability to meet people from around the world and hear about what food means to them.
    Melanie Moller - GRAND DIPLÔME® 2015
  • Untitled-1
    The most important thing I learned is that I didn't know anything about cooking, although I thought I was a great amateur cook at home. It humbles you. The first 2-3 weeks at the Cordon Bleu you realize you need to start with the basics, and not be over-anxious to start butchering rabbits! Also, I had a great time improving my knife skills. That was the very first thing you learn. I would go the supermarket and buy a 5lb bag of carrots, peel them and start practicing my Juliennes, Brunoise, Turning, etc... so I could be ahead of the game when getting my first job.
    Thomas Naylor - Diplôme de Cuisine 2009
  • saad
    It's more than what I was expecting. Every day I learn something new. The chefs who teach me are beyond amazing. By just interacting with them on a daily basis, I have been gaining knowledge and great tips that are going to help me with my career in the future.
    Saad Bahbahani - GRAND DIPLÔME® 2014
  • Stef Scrivens_v2
    When you're studying at Le Cordon Bleu there are so many great opportunities available, whether it's putting in extra time to practice, help out the chefs teaching you, or help out the restaurant, and you should absolutely take full advantage of these learning opportunities. I spent all of my extra time helping out the chefs, and it pays out. You learn different aspects of the teaching environment and you get to practice your skills while still learning. Since I've graduated I worked at Signatures for three years, and also have worked abroad staging at Michelin star restaurants in England.
    Stef Scrivens - 2012 (Diplôme de Pâtisserie)
  • sarah2
    ... that's the key to the Cordon Bleu experience - we have amazing Chefs who want to teach us everything they know - and we need only ask. We have the opportunity to learn that goes far beyond the demos, practicals and the workshops.
    Sarah Fudge - Diplôme de Cuisine 2013
  • Daron
    I realized I always wanted to be in the kitchen with my mom, but not necessarily watch her cook, but rather have her move aside and let me do the cooking. That's really when I realized that this is what I want to do, this is what I want my life to be about.
    Daron Nazirganian - Diplôme de Pâtisserie 2015

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