Le Cordon Bleu โลโก้

Sawasdee Thailand
Thailand is located in Southeast Asia
known for the friendliness of the local people which has drawn a lot of international people each year to visit this dream destination both for vacation and study. Education in Thailand is highly valued and extremely important along with many impressive advantages for you to choose and come to study in Thailand.

Although Thailand has the blending of the traditional culture and modern together, however, the cost of living is very low making it the perfect destination for international visitors and students. With many indoor-outdoor activities and attractions, convenient transportations, inexpensive and variety of easy to find food for 24 hours from the late-night street food and conveniences store. So no more worries about your daily life in Thailand when you are far away from home. Apart from being a dream destination for tourists in visiting Buddhist temples, enjoying local attractions, and relaxing on beaches. Thailand is also a popular study the destination with over 25,000 international students who choose to enroll at Thai Universities and other Study institutes.

Cost of living
Thailand is a place where everything is cheap (higher prices in tourist destinations). If you are living like a Thai then your cost of living would be much lower than expected. You will need between 350 EUR (13,300 THB) – 700 EUR (26,600 THB) per month to cover your costs of living in Thailand. Depending on your lifestyle and spending habits which you might spend less or more.

Food costs in Thailand
As an international student, you should expect to spend 170–250 EUR per month on food and groceries. This largely depends on your personal habits, how much you eat out, the kind of restaurants, and so on.

Transportation costs
A monthly pass for public transport costs around EUR 33 EUR without any student discount. Bangkok, the capital city in Thailand has the widest range of transportation.

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