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              Intermediate Japanese Cuisine Certificate


              In the Intermediate Japanese Cuisine Programme, students will continue to learn advanced techniques and traditional Japanese dishes at a higher level and apply them to regional Japanese cuisine. Students will also be introduced to Tea Kaiseki (cha-kaiseki) and participate in the tea ceremony and flower arrangement to gain an increased cultural awareness of Japanese cuisine concepts.

               ※Please note that we do NOT accept any applications after June 10th 2017 if Cultural activity visa is needed. Please kindly apply for our next intake. Thank you very much.

              Programme Details

              • COURSE STRUCTURE
                135 hours

                • Artistic vegetable cuts
                • Advanced fish preparation techniques
                • Advanced application of techniques to 3 major Japanese cuisine types
                  • Kyoto Cuisine (Kyo-ryori)
                  • Edo Cuisine (Edo-ryori)
                  • Osaka Cuisine (Osaka-ryori)
                • Advanced application of techniques to Japanese regional cuisines
                  • Northern Japan
                  • Kanto & Hokuriku
                  • Kansai, Chugoku & Shikoku
                  • Kyushu
                • Traditional Japanese New Year food (osechi- ryori)
                • Fermented foods – shoyu, etc.
                • Marinated (aemono), vinegar based (sunomono)
                • Cooking with fermented products – sake and sakekasu
                • Seasonal appetizer (sakizuke)
                • Wagashi
                • Cha-kaiseki
                • Tea ceremony & flower arrangement
                Industry Research:
                • Brewery visit,etc.
              • WHO IS THE PROGRAMME FOR?
                Prerequisite: Basic Cuisine Certificate
              • TERM DATES & APPLY

                Term Dates & Prices

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                Jul 4, 2018 - Aug 11, 2018 (Intensive, in English, Japanese)
                ¥ 695,000