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Bakery, Danish Pastries & Artisan Breads


The Bakery Diploma is awarded to students who have completed the Basic and Advanced Bakery Certificates. Under the guidance and instruction of leading bakery chefs, students progressively learn to master the techniques and methods used to produce a diverse range of French breads and pastries found in leading French bakeries. All bakery classes are taught in 6 hour workshop classes, learning and practicing simultaneously.


  • Bakery Diploma
  • Basic Bakery Certificate

    Prerequisite: None
    The Basic Boulangerie certificate is designed to give students a strong foundation on which to build their bakery skills and knowledge.

      Duration : 120 hours
      Core Objectives:
      Demonstrate basic bakery preparations and techniques including.
  • Advanced Bakery Certificate

    Prerequisite:Basic Boulangerie Certificate 
    Advanced Boulangerie Certificate allows students to advance their knowledge and techniques learned in the Basic program and study bakery from a more professional perspective focusing on advanced methods of fermentation.

      Duration: 120 hours
      Core Objectives
      Demonstrate advanced bakery preparations and techniques including:
    • Cultivation of leaven, liquid leaven and feeder schedule
    • Autolyse technique
    • Poolish technique for all categories of bakery
    • Bassinage technique
    • Machine techniques
    • Improve basic techniques of weighing, shaping, putting in the oven
    • Make different variations of baguettes tradition
    • Utilization of various flours including buckwheat, rye, etc.
    • Different types of tourage
    • Regional viennoiserie (sweet and savory)
    • Working a dough with French regional products added
    • Make snack products
    • Baking techniques using molds
    • Decorative bread pieces
    • Planning and preparation of bread buffets
    • Meet health, safety and hygiene regulations
    • Establish personal bake-house organization skills to work in a team