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【NOTICE】Le Cordon Bleu Japan will be closing its Bakery Programme by June 30th 2020.
Le Cordon Bleu remains devoted to the teaching of Bakery, notably in our Paris and Shanghai campuses. Please kindly reach us at:

The Bakery programme is based on a two-level education and a unique atelier methodology.French Bakery classes are held in unique 6-hour aterlier workshops that combine both Demonstration and Practical elements together. Chefs instruct directly in the bakery kitchen for students to learn the entire baking process ( fermentation, shaping and baking) first hand while deepening their understanding of theories behind each process.


  • Bakery Diploma

    The Bakery Diploma is awarded to students who have completed the Basic and Advanced Bakery Certificates.

  • Basic Bakery Certificate

    Students master the fundamentals of French bakery, from understanding basic baking ingredients such as flour and yeast to the techniques required to prepare a range of classic French breads.

  • Advanced Bakery Certificate

    Students further their knowledge and develop the technical skills learned in the Basic programme and study bakery from a more professional perspective, focusing on advanced methods of fermentation and using a wider variety of ingredients.