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              Le Grand Diplôme®


              Le Grand Diplôme®: Cuisine Diploma and Pastry & Confectionery Diploma

              Le Grand Diplôme® is the core of the study plan of Le Cordon Bleu; it is the most complete program of French Classic Cuisine and Pastry techniques available today.

              Le Grand Diplôme® combines Cuisine Diploma and Pastry & Confectionery Diploma, each consists of 3 Certificates (Bases, Intermediate and Superior), those that provide to you the necessary skills to apply French culinary techniques to almost any type of cuisine in the world and develop your own creativity and artistic expression.

              The unique teaching methodology of Le Cordon Bleu combines demonstrations, followed by practical sessions. The demonstration classes are held in specially equipped rooms, allowing students to observe Chef techniques in detail. The practical classes are held in the kitchens of professional education, equipped with the highest standards.

              The number of students per class is limited to 16 people, this in order to ensure personal attention and to satisfy the individual training needs. The school provides all the ingredients to be used, which are top quality.

              Le Grand Diplôme® is awarded when the student has successfully completed the Cuisine and Pastry & Confectionery Diplomas. Students can register to both Diplomas at the same time. Even with previous professional experience, students must begin with the basic level before accessing the next level. .

              All our classes are given in Spanish language.

              We have 3 School Cycles in the year: January, April and August.


              • Cuisine Diploma

                The Cuisine Diploma will teach you the advanced culinary techniques that could apply in almost all the cuisine style. Explore the French culinary traditions, global cuisines and actual tendencies. Includes:

                • 2 Complete uniforms of Le Cordon Bleu
                • Knife briefcase (One briefcase for Le Grand Diplôme)
                • Pair of kitchen shoes (One pair for Le Grand Diplôme)
                • Ingredients
                • Recipe
                • 3 Cuisine Certificates
                • Cuisine Diploma
                • Graduation Ceremony
              • Pastry & Confectionery Diploma

                The Pâtisserie Diploma will make you discover this art. Courses range from specialized ateliers, basic through advanced levels of pâtisserie and confectionary craft making, plated and boutique style desserts, world delicacies and precise decorating techniques. Includes:

                • 2 Complete uniforms of Le Cordon Bleu
                • Knife briefcase (One briefcase for Le Grand Diplôme)
                • Pair of kitchen shoes (One pair for Le Grand Diplôme)
                • Ingredients
                • Recipe
                • 3 Pâtisserie Certificates
                • Pâtisserie Diploma
                • Graduation Ceremony

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              • Virginia Barbiaux Reyes

                Being at Le Cordon Bleu Mexico is like being in your second home. One of the best experiences of my life. You meet amazing people of all the world. The experienced Chefs have given me passion for gastronomy and how to be professional. No matter how much experience you have in a kitchen, this school will always be the best option. You learn all the cuisine and pastry bases and how to take full advantage of your products. I'm sure that Le Grand Diplôme will give me access to opportunities to start new business in the future.

                Virginia Barbiaux Reyes
              • Testimonio2-250x250

                My main goal was to learn Pastry techniques. From the beginning, I liked the discipline, order and cleanliness that Le Cordon Bleu Chefs always required when cooked. One of the added values that gave the alliance of Le Cordon Bleu - Anahuac was the teaching method based on the delicate individual work. Study in Le Cordon Bleu Mexico was the key to start my business of desserts, Mexican candy's, sugar decorations and cakes.

                José Ignacio González Quinzaños

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