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Congratulations! You are about to apply to the Bakery Diploma of Le Cordon Bleu!
This is the first steps to learn the best skills and develop you sense of creativity.

Application Procedure to the Bakery Diploma

To Apply to the Bakery Diploma Le Cordon Bleu, the following


Step 1: Inquiry to Le Cordon Bleu Japan


Step 2: Application to Le Cordon Bleu Japan

  1. Apply on-line to the Bakery Diploma
  2. Sign the agreement to the Terms & Conditions.
  3. Scan the copy of the ID page of the passport. The passport must be valid.
  4. Pay the Administration Fees.
  5. Send the receipt of payment of the Administration Fees by email.


Step 3: Submission of the documents

Once the on-line application steps have been completed, you will be contacted for confirmation of reception of your application.
Please send the entire necessary document mentioned above to Ms. Deborah Latreuille


Step 4: School Package e-mailing

Once the application and payment of the Administration Fees have been confirmed, a school package will be sent by e-mail:

    - Letter of Offer ( LOO)
    - Invoice
    - Le Cordon Bleu Japan School Rules


Step 5: Tools, Uniform and Tuition Fees Payment

The requested Tuitions Fees, uniform and tool kit fees must be paid once the Letter of Offer (LOO) and invoice have been submitted. Complete payment should be made within three (3) weeks from the application. A notice by e-mail to confirm the payment is required.
In the event of no payment made within the requested period, the school has the right to consider the application void and cancel the seat booking. In that case, the administration fees will be forfeited.


Step 6: Confirmation of the Payment

Reception of the payment of all the required fees before the beginning of the course will be confirmed by Le Cordon Bleu Japan. Once the payment of the remaining fees has been confirmed, a Confirmation of Enrolment (COE) will be issued.
No refund of the Administration Fees will be made in the event of a cancellation from the student. Details and information about the Orientation Meeting and the beginning of course will also be sent to the e-mail address given by the student on the Application Form.


Step 7: Orientation Day

A compulsory Orientation Day is planned before the first Demonstration class. Details concerning the Orientation Day will be provided along with the Certificate of Enrolment.



How to Proceed to the Payment?

Payment must be done by bank transfer, to validate you application. The payment of the Application Fees is liable to the booking of your seat.
No Application Form will be handled without the payment of the Application Fees, the submission of the passport ID page scan, Application Form and Signed Terms & Conditions.



Submission of all documents required to apply, as well as payment of the Administration Fees must be made in order to book the seat. The receipt to confirm the payment of the Administration Fees must be sent by e-mail.
* Notice: Administration Fees are not refundable.


Once the payment of the Administration Fees has been confirmed, the invoice and the Letter of Offer (LOO) are sent.
Application to a Diploma can be either paid through a lump sum, or by installments. In the event of a payment by installments, the uniform and tools kit must be paid along with the first Certificate.
In the event of payment by installments, from the second payment, each Certificate should be paid no later than 2 weeks prior to the completion of the current course. Payment to a Certificate can only be made by lump sum.

Bank Information:
Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo

Bank The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd
Branch Ebisu
Branch Number 136
Account Saving account, 1359836
Account name Le Cordon Bleu Japan, Inc.
Swift code BOTK JP JT