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Ingredient Series :Konbu(kelp)

Content: Konbu (kelp) is the basic ingredient that makes dashi, an indispensable element in Japanese cuisine, and its flavour and aroma vary based on terroir and type. Learning the background of ingredients is as important as learning techniques, so join us in uncovering the secret behind konbu’s savoury umami as we explore the world of Japanese cuisine.

Instructor: Riko Yamawaki

 Runs a cooking classroom in Daikanyama called “Riko’s Kitchen”, which enrolls more than 900 students in their 30’s and 40’s.Received the Gourmand International Award, which is said to be the Academy Awards for cookbooks, for her book on konbu for dashi recipes, “Konbu Recipes 95”. Her latest books are “Ashitakara Ryorijozu” and “Washoku no Oisii Kondate”.Works to preserve traditional production methods of soy sauce, vinegar and konbu production areas through proposing cuisine using the above ingredients in her cooking classroom and through media.Has been a member of the Japanese Cuisine Preservation & Inheritance Committee of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries since September 2015.

These classes are taught in lecture style
Date】 Mar 14(Mon) 16:00-18:30(Japanese/Chinese)
      Mar 19 (Sat) 14:00-16:30(Japanese/English)

Fee】 ¥5,000
Venue】 Tokyo school

* We only accept credit cards payments
* For non-native English/Japanese/Chinese speakers, we recommend at least basic English/Japanese/Chinese comprehension skills.
* Please be aware, any disturbances during class to the chef, LCB staff, or other students will not be tolerated and may result in dismissal.
* Furthermore, there will be no refunds provided in the event of absence and/or late arrival. Please note that class date cannot be changed. For further details, please refer to class terms & conditions.
* Please be reminded that this class may be cancelled if the number of the participants does not reach the required number.

Guidelines on the day of your class Please confirm these items before class begins
 ・Reception: Open 30 minutes prior to class. Please check-in at least 10 minutes before class begins
 ・Things to bring: Materials for note taking .Camera are allowed ( No video and audio recording)


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