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              How to Apply

              To apply to Le Cordon Bleu Japan Diploma and Certificate programmes the candidate must fulfill to requirements as indicated below.
              Further information can be checked on our "Application Guidebook" or by contacting us.

              Language Requirement:

              Administrative Requirements:

              Please refer to PROGRAMMES to check the opening dates and apply online.
              Any additional document to the online application must be written, dated and signed by the applicant to the programme.

              Submission of all documents required to apply, as well as payment of the application fees must be made in order to book the seat.
              The receipt to confirm the payment of the Application Fees must be sent by e-mail. Application fees are not refundable.

              Documents as well as teaching material can be provided in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English or Japanese. By default, the language of the documents correspond to the language of the course applied to.

              For any question or inquiry, please book a private appointment or contact us:
              Book a Private Appointment

              Mail: japanhub@cordonbleu.edu

              Tel: +81-3-5489-0141
              Languages: Japanese, English, Chinese and French.


              Tuition Fee

              • Grand Diplôme® (Cuisine and Pastry)
                • Total Fees:¥5,665,000
                • Administration Fees:¥75,000
                • Tuition Fees:¥¥5,590,000
                  • Tuition Details
                  • Initiation Certificate:¥775,000
                  • Basic Certificate:¥1,445,000
                  • Intermediate Certificate:¥1,545,000
                  • Superior (Advanced) Certificate:¥1,640,000
                • Uniform:¥60,000
                • Tool Kit :¥125,000
              • Cuisine Diploma
                • Total Fees:¥3,420,000
                • Administration Fees:¥75,000
                • Tuition Fees:¥3,345,000
                  • Tuition Details
                  • Initiation Certificate:¥735,000
                  • Basic Certificate:¥775,000
                  • Intermediate Certificate:¥795,000
                  • Superior Certificate:¥855,000
                • Uniform:¥60,000
                • Tool Kit:¥125,000
              • Pastry Diploma
                • Total Fees:¥2,505,000
                • Administration Fees:¥75,000
                • Tuition Fees:¥2,430,000
                  • Tuition Details
                  • Basic Certificate:¥710,000
                  • Intermediate Certificate:¥750,000
                  • Superior Certificate:¥785,000
                • Uniform:¥60,000
                • Tool Kit:¥125,000
              • Bakery Diploma
                • Total Fees:¥1,535,000
                • Administration Fees:¥75,000
                • Tuition Fees:¥1,460,000
                  • Tuition Details
                  • Basic Certificate:¥680,000
                  • Advanced Certificate:¥720,000
                • Uniform:¥60,000

              * Application fees will be invoiced only once for any application to Le Grand Diplôme, or several diploma simultaneously.
              * Application fees will be invoiced one by one to any application to certificates or diploma separately.