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              The workshops for everyone from beginners to professionals.

              The workshop is divided into two parts; Basic Food Styling for Photography and Advanced Food Styling for Photography. These workshops combine lectures with demonstration of food shots and practical photo shooting setup.

              In the first part of our beginner grasping lessons, participants will learn a basic understanding of the food styling and food photography, composition on food picture, props selection and setup techniques.

              In the next part our experienced food stylist and photographer are going to show several arrays of techniques and materials to develop food concepts. At this level represents exercises for those who has a more progressed level of knowledge and skills, and experiences to create their own food presentations. All practices will be under the wing of the professionals who will coach participants along the way with ample feedback on their production.

              Participants will learn about the fundamentals of food styling and food photography, basic camera techniques, best food photography composition, props styling and post-production. These workshops combines lectures with demonstration of food shots and practical photo shooting setup. Our experienced food stylist and professional photographer will guide all participants to develop food concept and to create their own style of food presentation.

              Join us for one or both of our incredible interactive workshops!


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