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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We realize that you may have questions and we hope that the questions outlined below, will help address your concerns/doubts. Select the relevant categories and browse the questions within them. You may also use the "Filter" for a quick search; just type in the keyword/phrase related to your question.

If there additional inquiries, we would love to be of assistance. Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.


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Tuition Payment
If I decide to do the Diploma or Grand Diploma – is there some kind of discount?
The Diploma and the Grand Diploma are the best formula for the ambitious student in search of a time effective culinary education. A Diploma or Grand Diploma also gives a significant tuition fees advantage compared to enrolling for each certificate separately.
Is there any extra cost I have to pay after course commenced aside from the course fee?
No, once you made a course fee, incl. registration, uniform & tool kit, tuition, there will be no extra cost charged.
What makes your program different from other schools offering culinary programs?
Le Cordon Bleu will allow you to gain our professional and organized knowledge of cooking skills through more than 100 years our teaching experience in culinary programs. From the classic French techniques and technologies to up-to-date menus are provided during the classes.
Are Le Cordon Bleu Certificates and Diploma recognized internationally?
Le Cordon Bleu’s name is recognized internationally. It has been operating as a French culinary school since 1895. Founded on a long tradition of excellence, its reputation has endured by keeping its courses thoroughly modern and up-to-date. Le Cordon Bleu has established an international culinary network recognized by industry professionals.
I am a high school student having passion in cooking. Can I apply for classic cycle program?
Unfortunately you do not meet our entry requirement due to your education qualification. Anyone who is over 18 years old and holds the high school graduation certificate (or equivalent) will be successfully granted in our classic cycle.
Is there any language requirement for admissions if the course is conducted in French?
There is no condition in relation to language proficiency such as in English or French. Although all our chefs are from France and speak French during the class, it is translated in Korean timely basis by professional interpreters. Also, the recipe is provided in both language - French and Korean.
I haven't learnt cuisine or pastry before. Should I take any pre-requisite before entering Le Cordon Bleu?
Please give your first challenge at Le Cordon Bleu. Our friendly but very professional chefs will teach you from the initiation level such as how to use the knife, cutting vegetables and also the basic knowledge of food ingredients.
I already have few years of experience in the kitchen. Can I take places as from Intermediate level?
Le Cordon Bleu Diploma and each certificate consolidate French culinary skills. In order to have a complete and coherent training, all applicants must start from the Basic level and continue into the Intermediate and Superior level. These certificates perfect the skills learned already and teach new techniques and technologies used in the industry.
When is the registration deadline or how far in advance should I apply?
Your complete application form should be sent 4-6 weeks before program begins in Korea school. Availability is limited to 14 students a class and programs do tend to fill up.
I'd like to take courses on Saturday. Are any courses held on Saturday for office workers?
Yes, you surely can take places on Saturday class. The program is exactly same as weekdays except the course duration. However, the weekend class is not available at every term, so please call us to ensure the commencement date.
Can I join the current student’s class for experiencing before I make a final decision?
Please book an auditing class through online or simply call us, then you are very welcome to attend our 3 hours of demonstration classes at Initiation Cuisine or Basic Patisserie where current students are taking. There has attending cost charged and it has to transfer into our bank account before you visit.
I took basic level in Paris campus and should I buy uniforms and tool kit again when transferring?
You will not require buying them again so please keep your uniform and tool kit in the case of transferring.
If I complete whole courses, can I apply for internship program?
Le Cordon Bleu will arrange the internship program at five star hotels to students who complete their Diploma and have an ambition in cooking. There had occasions to get proposed to work in full time at the hotel throughout internship. Also, academy will announce the current job opportunities upon industries’ requests and students are encouraged to apply it, so show your talent and passion towards culinary arts.
What kinds of job are available after completing your culinary arts program?
Our alumnus are indeed everywhere at hospitality industries such as – hotel, resort and F&B. Not only are the professional chef at the kitchen, there lots of various area can be performed like a party planner, a specialty journalist in cooking, a food stylist or even an instructor at cooking school.
I am more interested in bakery rather than pastry. Are pastry and bakery classes are separate?
Yes, we offer patisserie(pastry) and boulangerie(bakery) separately in Korea. You may take the boulangerie program only. Le Cordon Bleu Korea offers the 2 levels – basic and advanced – of boulangerie classes.
I am not sure if I want to do the whole Diploma program, what should I do?
Simply apply for on of the basic level certificates. It will give you an excellent grounding in cuisine or pastry and based on availability you can always continue the next levels in the future.
I wish to have counseling in details as well as looking at the facilities before I make a decision.
You may visit our official website and check the schedule for available date and time, then make a reservation through online or call us. Once you made it, our student service team will confirm you again. Counseling and tour are provided for free.
Korea school offers the 4 levels for cuisine program so what is the difference to other Le Cordon Bleu schools?
Actual course curriculum and number of modules are exactly same. Cuisine program is composed 90 modules in total. Most other Le Cordon Bleu schools make up 30 modules in each level, namely Basic, Intermediate and Superior, whereas Korea school offers as 22 modules in Initiation, 22 modules in Basic, 23 modules in Intermediate and 23 modules in Superior.
How each class or module is comprised?
Le Cordon Bleu focuses on teaching hands-on techniques, specifically those of classic French cuisine. The program is composed of lesions split into 3 hours of demonstration classes including tasting and 3 hours of practical classes with evaluation. During the demonstration classes, chefs will reinforce basic information such as proper storage temperatures and techniques, produce substitution, how to recognize fresh produce, definitions of terms and techniques and the science behind ingredients. In practical classes, students are individually, not by grouping, had to complete their own dishes.
Do I have to take places from Basic to Superior at once?
Although we generally suggest completing the entire program at once due to our programs is prepared step by step at each level, however, it is not necessary. You may have a break between courses if circumstances are not met to finish at once because we offer 4 terms per year.
I believe Paris school may offer the comprehensive curriculum rather than in Korea, is it true?
If you are thinking about the culture you may well experience, of course Paris school would be the excellent place to taking French cuisine. However, all Le Cordon Bleu schools no matter where located provide the same programs to students.
Can I take Intermediate level at other Le Cordon Bleu schools after my Basic level in Korea?
All of the courses at our Diploma granting schools are interchangeable. A student could, complete Basic level in Korea, Intermediate in London and Superior in Paris. The courses may not follow exactly the same outline and recipes, but the foundation of techniques in each level is covered at each school.