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Gastronomic tourism, or food tourism, is the concept of travelling with a focus on food and/or beverage experiences particular to a region or culture. Fuelled by the social media obsession with exciting food and drink destinations and activities, this type of tourism is enabled by low-cost travel and offers unique opportunities to share experiences with people we know and the world at large. 
  This course explores the experiences of food and wine producers, festivals, restaurants, markets, seasonal celebrations, shopping and cooking, tastings and other food-and-wine related opportunities. High value is placed on the uniqueness and importance of these experiences, so we can identify opportunities that will prepare experience providers and food travel enthusiasts for business recovery, post-pandemic, and the future wave of gastronomic tourism.  


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Course Structure

Gain expertise to anticipate future trends and market your gastronomic destination with a focus on environmental sustainability for the experience economy.  

Weekly topics include:
Individuals wanting to develop specialist knowledge of gastronomic tourism for a current position or meet future aspirations, food-and-wine curious non-professionals, or gastronomes will also benefit from this course.

Course Introduction


  • Tatyana Zarechneva
    The course in Gastronomy Tourism provided me with essential tools for analysing and designing gastronomic experiences that I lacked. Facing the task to create and implement a gastronomic tourism strategy for Pacific Russia Food, I am both challenged and inspired - this course gave me confidence my strategy will succeed.
    Tatyana Zarechneva, Russia
  • Juliet Hudson
    Lynelle was a knowledgeable, personable facilitator who led us a on wonderful learning journey. Insightful, relevant and current concepts and content were brought to life through engaging activities. The weekly sessions were a fun and interesting way to share ideas. An excellent course empowering me with tools and lots of ideas to integrate into my professional world.
    Juliet Hudson, Australia

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