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Le Cordon Bleu International network with over 35 institutes in 20 countries


Pursue your passion for food with the world’s largest culinary and hospitality network of institutes, Le Cordon Bleu. Our student network represents over 100 nationalities around the world, some looking to start a new culinary career, and others are looking to combine their interests or advance in their current fields.

Programmes currently available at campuses around the world include:

  • Le Grand Diplôme®
  • Diplôme de Cuisine
  • Diplôme de Pâtisserie
  • Diplôme de Boulangerie
  • Restaurant Management Diplomas
  • Hospitality & Culinary Management Bachelor and Master Degrees
  • Gourmet Short Courses
  • Wine Management Diplomas

International Institutes

Le Cordon Bleu is the largest network of culinary and hospitality institutes in the world, representing more than 35 campuses in 20 countries and more than 20,000 students all over the world.

  • Le Cordon Bleu Paris in France
  • Le Cordon Bleu London in England
  • Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa in Canada
  • Le Cordon Bleu Japan in Tokyo and Kobe
  • Le Cordon Bleu Australia in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, and Perth
  • Le Cordon Bleu Madrid in Spain
  • Le Cordon Bleu Thailand
  • Le Cordon Bleu New Zealand

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  • Stef Scrivens_v2
    When you're studying at Le Cordon Bleu there are so many great opportunities available, whether it's putting in extra time to practice, help out the chefs teaching you, or help out the restaurant, and you should absolutely take full advantage of these learning opportunities. I spent all of my extra time helping out the chefs, and it pays out. You learn different aspects of the teaching environment and you get to practice your skills while still learning. Since I've graduated I worked at Signatures for three years, and also have worked abroad staging at Michelin star restaurants in England.
    Stef Scrivens - 2012 (Diplôme de Pâtisserie)
  • Untitled-1
    The most important thing I learned is that I didn't know anything about cooking, although I thought I was a great amateur cook at home. It humbles you. The first 2-3 weeks at the Cordon Bleu you realize you need to start with the basics, and not be over-anxious to start butchering rabbits! Also, I had a great time improving my knife skills. That was the very first thing you learn. I would go the supermarket and buy a 5lb bag of carrots, peel them and start practicing my Juliennes, Brunoise, Turning, etc... so I could be ahead of the game when getting my first job.
    Thomas Naylor - Diplôme de Cuisine 2009
  • daniel katayama
    During my nine months studying the Diplôme de Cuisine at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa, I received a lot of teachings that helped me become a better human being, both in a professional and personal way. Seven months after I graduated, I managed to give birth to a dream that Le Cordon Bleu helped me nurture: I now own a 40 seat cafe in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and I’m about to open a 120 seat restaurant.
    Daniel Katayama - DIPLÔME DE CUISINE 2014

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