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Complete a Globally Recognised Certificate in 3-month

3months program

Complete A Globally Recognised Certificate in 3-Months

Now open for registration

What is so special about Le Cordon Bleu’s highly acclaimed 3 months basic course? You will be able to learn all Basic culinary techniques from Le Cordon Bleu Master Chefs who have worked in the world’s finest kitchens and Michelin star restaurants in our fully equip facilities.

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scholarship and bursary

Scholarship and Bursary 2022 are now open for registration

We realise times are difficult with people losing jobs, revenue being cut down and many not making ends meet. We are offering Scholarship and Bursary to help you fulfil your culinary dream.


sturgeon farm

Sturgeon Farm Visit

Superior students visited Malaysia very own tropical Sturgeon Farm which had successfully rear 6 species out of 27 known species in the world. Situated in a 3.3 acres of land in Tanjung Malim just 45 minutes away from Central KL was the perfect spot for this gigantic fish.


tff event 2022

Future Foodtech Festival 2022

We were invited to participate in the Future FoodTech Festival under the TFF (thought for food) SOUTHEAST ASIA REGIONAL HUB umbrella where we have the opportunity to work with a diverse network of visionary partners who share the passion for next-gen-led innovation to solve local and regional agri-food challenges.


Programmes offered in
Le Cordon Bleu Malaysia


Diplôme de Cuisine

Master basic to advanced culinary techniques that apply to any style of cuisine. Explore French culinary traditions, global cuisines and current trends.


Diplôme de Pâtisserie

Discover the art of Pâtisserie. Courses range from specialized ateliers, basic through advanced levels of pastry and confectionary craft making, plated and boutique style desserts, world delicacies and precise decorating techniques.


Diplôme de Boulangerie

Learn typical French bread making techniques and processes for making bread. Make specialty danish, regional and artisan breads and learn how to apply advanced yeast production methods

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