Le Cordon Bleu USA - June Newsletter 2024

Le Cordon Bleu's Triple Triumph: Global Campuses Nominated for 2024 World Culinary Awards

Le Cordon Bleu, The Leading Global Network of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institutes, has once again been recognized on the world stage for the quality of its education, with its campuses in Ottawa, Australia, and Paris being nominated for the prestigious 2024 World Culinary Awards.

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Justice Derrick

Alumna Jiachen Lu, Cord’s Head Sommelier, ranked in Top 50 Sommeliers in the UK 2024

Nominations for the list come from sommeliers, hospitality professionals and diners from across the UK, and the ranking is based on the nominees’ experience, career, educational achievements, day to day responsibilities and performance in competitions.

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Alumna Claire Zhou | From Harvard to LCBNZ

To master the art of cooking and cultivate a deep appreciation for culinary skills is not only for aspiring chefs. The culinary journey enriches individuals from all walks of life; our students venture forth to become chefs, managers, writers, ambassadors, and myriad other roles. However, some embark on this path driven solely by their passion and love of cooking!

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Vote for Le Cordon Bleu as the Best Croissant in the UK 2024

You can now vote for Le Cordon Bleu Bakery Team to earn a place in the final. Our passionate Master Bakers are dedicated to creating the finest quality baked goods for guests at Café Le Cordon Bleu and Cord Café, and it would be an honour for their expertise to be recognised by this award.

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