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CordonTec arrives at Le Cordon Bleu São Paulo unit

On September 2, the first class of Diplôme Cordontec will be held at the São Paulo unit. The course that is already successful in the carioca unit will have three modalities:

- Morning (with hours from 07h to 11h - classes from Monday to Thursday).
- Night (with hours from 18h to 22h - classes from Monday to Thursday).
- Extensive Night (with hours from 18h to 22h - Monday and Wednesday classes).
Diplôme CordonTec is a technical training that gives a 100% practical vocational education diploma that offers a set of knowledge and skills through the application of basic French cooking techniques. This method combined with discipline, intensive training and individual commitment. It is a key success factor for developing skilled professionals who can confidently pursue their career advancement and become chefs.

Over a period of 800 hours, the student is qualified in Cuisine, Pâtisserie, Boulangerie and Services.



Special conditions for Grand Diploma Registration.

Our Pattiserie and Cuisine classes, starting with:

August 26 - (Regular Mode) - 2 to 3 times a week
October 30 - (Night Extensive Mode) - 2 times a week.
November 11 - (Intensive Modality) - 5 times a week.

They have discounts and differentiated installment options, where: in the bank and credit card the student can installment in up to 21 installments.

The course is fully face to face, where students will have demonstrative and practical classes.
In the demonstration class the chef instructor prepares the recipe while the students take the steps step by step.
In practical class they reproduce the dish demonstrated by the Chef, working on Individual benches and are evaluated from the preparation process to the delivery of the dish.

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Saturday classes for Boulangerie classes

Our Boulangerie Diplôme is divided into 2 Certificates, namely: Boulangerie Basic and Boulangerie Advanced, with an average duration of 264 hours each.

And you have the option to choose two start dates, which are:
- August 6th with 4x lessons per week from 6pm to 10pm, or
- September 14 with classes on Saturdays from 08h to 15h

You will learn the techniques, foundations and fundamentals with which you can prepare different types of bread. This course includes bread types, properties, combinations and applications in different regions of France and the world. The student will make breads with longer fermentation periods while learning techniques such as petrissage (kneading) and façonnage (molding).

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