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              9 months 60 classes

              Develop your skills in pâtisserie. Courses range from initiation, short courses and basic through advanced pastry techniques to boutique style desserts, world delicacies and precise techniques. Pastry Diploma is earned when the student successfully completesthe Basic, Intermediate and Superior Pastry courses. The student will also receive a certificate for each course successfully completed.


              • BASIC PATISSERIE
                3 months 20 classes The main ingredients in French pastry are flour, butter, eggs and savoir-faire. By learning their various combinations, properties and applications, you will learn how to make various types of French pastry like pate sablee, pate feuilletee and choux paste; and traditional gateaux like Saint Honore black forest and Paris-Brest. The demonstrations and practical sessions will lead you and make you professional, step by step through the basics pastry.
                3 months 20 classes Intermediate Pastry is based on practice and repetition. As you begin to master important techniques, such as making a sponge cake or a Bavarian cream cake, your proficiency will allow you to focus on the decoration and presentation of your cakes. You will also be introduced to the basics of chocolate-making, such as tempering and dipping, using caramel and nougatine, and preparing restaurant-style desserts.

                3 months 20 classes

                you learn cotemporary restaurant desserts; hot & cold restaurant desserts, including soufflé, contemporary cakes, tarts, and buches. Another important part in Superior level is the Art of chocolate; Mousse cakes, tempering of chocolates, hand-dipped & molded chocolates, mixing different chocolates and textures, chocolate boxes and flowers, sculpture and display. Also you are introduced to Artistic sugar creations.


              • Korean Alumni - YunJungPee

                Owner Patissier of Maman Gâteau

                Alumni Yun-Jung Pee was an ordinary office worker working in finance field. One day, she was laid off due to the IMF crisis and had a chance to think about a life-long occupation. She has chosen ‘bakery’ as her new job since she thought that she can enjoy baking while working for the rest of her life. She even opened a baking class for housewives at her own house. Finally she decided to attend Le Cordon Blue-Sookmyung Academy for more systematic and in-depth study on bakery. Upon her memories of school days, she said that it was precious time for her to get to know Le cordon blue’s chefs.

                Yun-Jung Pee(Pastry Diploma 2005, Bakery Diploma 2011)
              • 5840

                Representative of Atelier Dalcoco

                Majored in food&nutrition, focusing more in the pastry field as she wanted to be a patissier. She considered studying abroad after graduation, but she decided that LCB Sookmyung Academy was the best education institution, as she planned to return to Korea to work. She was able to learn step by step through the systematic curriculum of LCB. She opened her own atelier with her experience in the pastry field during her time at Le Cordon Bleu. She recommends to students that they should have sufficient experience in the field.

                Ja-Hyun Won(Pastry Diploma 2009)