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              Tart Workshop


              A workshop dedicated to the art of making sweet tarts for all gourmets and tart amateurs.

              Tart Workshop presentation

              In a room fitted out with ultramodern equipment, each participant becomes fully immersed in the fundamentals of pastry art. Under the guidance of a renowned pastry Chef, the Tart workshop unfolds in a relaxed yet studious atmosphere. This pastry workshop is aimed at beginners who want to take the pastry plunge to be able to make their very own tarts.

              The Tart workshop is ideal for those who want to strengthen their skills in this Culinary Art, as well as those who want to make the most of the presence of an experienced Chef to perfect their techniques. This workshop is open to all and, at the end of each lesson, every participant will be capable of making an exquisite tart for their nearest and dearest.
              Throughout the workshop, the pastry Chef shows the participants the different stages of the recipe, as well as the way in which it should be made to ensure success. He shares his experience and tips on how to successfully make them.

              All the participants are given the opportunity to repeat each step until they are mastered. At the end of the session, the participant will be able to take what they have made away with them to share with family and friends.

              Tart Workshop programme

              26 January, 23 February
              Milk chocolate-passion fruit tart

              24 March, 28 April
              Chocolate praline tart

              25 May, 21 June, 27 July
              Lemon tartlets with crisp meringues

              24 August, 3 September, 22 September
              Strawberry tart

              20 October, 16 November, 1 December
              Chocolate praline tart


              All short courses are taught in French and consecutively translated into English by a translator.
              Applicants must be at least 18 years of age.
              Apron, tea towel and cooler bag “Le Cordon Bleu” are offered.
              During the day of the short course, you will benefit of 10 % discount at Le Café Le Cordon Bleu and at La Boutique, except on books (-5%).
              The end time of the course depends on the number of participants.

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              Price: € 145.00

              Duration: 4 Hours

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              Course: Tart Workshop

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              Tart Workshop Chefs

              The pastry Chefs in charge of the Tart workshop at Le Cordon Bleu Paris have exceptional expertise, combined with years of experience in the pastry field and in training.

              The story behind the tart recipe

              The tart was invented in the Middle Ages. They was no distinction between sweet and savoury at that time, with numerous varieties throughout the world.

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