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Peru - Chef Rubén Escudero

Thursday 23 May 2019

Rubén Escudero worked in prestigious restaurants before meeting Gastón Acurio, Le Cordon Bleu Paris alumni and ambassador of Peruvian gastronomy in Paris. The latter then teaches Chef Escudero the secrets of Peruvian cuisine and its true flavours. Rubén then worked in traditional restaurants such as La Mar, Panchita or Astrid & Gastón. In 2016, Gastón Acurio offered him the position of Chef and Culinary Director of Manko restaurant. Gastón Acurio recently entrusted Rubén with the responsibility of a new project: the opening of the restaurant La Gare in Paris.

On the menu:

Cebiche clasico
Cebiche nikkei
Recipes from Manko restaurant

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