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Bolivia - Chef Laura Raquel Cortez Rojas

WEDNESDAY 29 May 2019

Laura Raquel Cortez Rojas is a Bolivian Chef who has lived in France since 2006. After successfully passing her CAP in Cuisine, she specialised in both French and Bolivian cuisine. Chef Cortez trained alongside Chef Guillaume Gomez at the Élysée Palace, at Chez Françoise and at 58 Tour Eiffel. She currently works at Curty’s Laboratory. Laura is proud to be a flag bearer for Bolivian cuisine in France, notably during the 2019 Overseas and Francophone Gastronomy Exhibition, where Bolivia took part in a culinary event in France for the first time.
Take part in her demonstration and embark on a culinary journey to France and Bolivia.

On the menu:

Salteñas, Sonso, Chicha de Quinua and Charquecan

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