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Introduction to the Art of Sake


Discover the Japanese art of Sake in the heart of Paris

A unique programme to discover the history of sake, the tasting techniques, the different qualities, the production, the service and understanding sake labels, but also how to incorporate sake in cooking, and food and sake pairings.

This intensive one-day course is particularly suited to professionals in the fields of hospitality, catering, wine and spirits, restaurant, sommeliers, F & B Managers, culinary journalists (...), but is also aimed at all people with a keen interest in Japanese culture.

The Basic Sake class, taught at Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute, trains students in the fundamentals of Sake and its culture by examining its key features. Classes take place from 9:30am to 6:00pm.

On the agenda of the initiation to the art of Sake at Le Cordon Bleu Paris

This class is equally suited to the needs of amateurs and professionals working in the Culinary Arts field, who are keen to become immersed in the world of Sake in order to achieve a more thorough understanding. 

Course content:

  • History, introduction to Sake
  • Tasting techniques
  • Sake breweries, different types of Sake and their regions
  • Sake categories
  • Serving Sake, storage and labelling
  • Food and Sake pairing and Sake in cuisine
  • Exam

The day class will include four tastings, one of which will be accompanied by food, in order to highlight a few pairing guidelines with specific ingredients or flavours.

Programme objectives:
At the end of the class, students will be able to:

  • Chart the key phases in Sake’s history and its evolution
  • Name the main Sake producing regions in Japan
  • Master the art of Sake tasting
  • State Sake’s main ingredients and their contribution to the production process
  • Spell out the main stages and procedures involved in the production process, recognize which ones are specific to the production of Sake
  • Understand the current Sake classification system, including the 8 superior classifications
  • Read and understand a label on a bottle of Sake
  • Explain the general guidelines for serving and storing Sake
  • Apply the basic rules for food and Sake pairing
  • Explain different ways in which Sake can be used, including in cuisine

Instructor: Sylvain Huet, Sake Samurai

Entry requirements:
18 years or older.
French or English language proficiency.

Certificate awarded: Le Cordon Bleu certificate ‘Basic Sake’

Who is this training programme aimed at?
This class is ideal for Culinary Arts students and journalists and professionals working in the hospitality and restaurant field.
It is also suitable for anybody with a keen interest in Japanese culture and Sake.

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