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Meet Head Sommelier
Nicolas Bonnot

Head Sommelier Nicolas Bonnot

Head Sommelier,

Coordinator of Wine Programmes

Nicolas Bonnot was born in Paris into a family of food industry professionals. His grandparents being restaurant-owners and his father a chef, he was fascinated by hospitality and gastronomy from his early childhood and received a vocational school certificate (CAP) and a certificate of vocational proficiency (BEP) in Restaurant and Catering Service. After graduating, he left for Germany to work at a restaurant and fell under the spell of the world of wine. So, he left for England to discover the profession of sommelier.

He then returned to Paris where he worked for Michelin 2-star restaurant Le Vivarois and Jacques Cagna as commis sommelier. A little later he discovered the world of 3-star restaurants at Lucas Carton run by Chef Alain Senderens, where he was employed as a Chef Sommelier. He then joined the 3-star restaurant Taillevent, as a member of the Customer Service team. And finally, he left the restaurant industry to become Chef Sommelier and Manager for one of the most remarkable wine collections in the world: Les Caves Taillevent.

After this career of various positions at prominent restaurants, he spent 14 years working as an Image and Wine Quality Taster for METRO France.

In 2020, Nicolas Bonnot joined the education sector at Le Cordon Bleu Paris as Head Sommelier, Coordinator of Wine Programmes.