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This two-day training enables students to acquire the necessary skills to organize and manage their commercial catering activities in hygienic conditions that comply with French and European regulations. Participants are trained to apply good hygiene practices, to master HACCP and to ensure food traceability.

Key Information

Open to everyone

Course duration:
2 days, 14 hours
8:45am - 4:45pm (lunch 1h)

Tuition fees: €460
The fees include welcome coffee and lunches.

Teaching Method:

Course and written examination at the end of the training. 89% success rate in the last session.

Certificate accredited by the French Ministry of Agriculture. Certificate recognized by the European Union (EASA) European Food Safety Authority.

Teaching language:
This course is taught in French and consecutively translated into English.

This training may be eligible as part of your professional project and your job search. A quote will be given to you by the institute on request for all your external financing procedures.

Personal funding:
Directly with the Institute.

French employees: Internship costs can be financed by your company's skills development plan. Contact your Human Resources department.

Your accountant will contact the Training Insurance Fund / OPCO, specific to your branch.

Job seeker:
This training may be eligible as part of your professional project and your job search. A quote will be given to you by the institute to register on the website linked to your region for funding by Pôle Emploi.

Programme details

  • Educational Objectives
    • Know and abide by the current food hygiene regulations in commercial restaurants
    • Acquire the necessary skills to organize and manage its activities in hygienic conditions in accordance with the expectations of the regulations and allowing customer satisfaction
    • Apply good hygienic practices, master HACCP and implement traceability
  • Operational Objectives
    • Know the European legislation on food safety
    • Identify the risks present in food
    • Know the measures of prevention of the risks
    • Implement the HACCP plan
  • Course content

    The regulatory framework
    • Identify the main principles of commercial catering regulations: commitment, responsibility and obligation of operators
    • Analyze the risks and consequences linked to and due to lack of hygiene in commercial catering: TIAC, MIA, administrative sanctions
    • Implement the principles of hygiene in commercial restaurants: training obligation, information in the event of an incident, transparency

    The concept of risk and danger
    • Foods and risks for consumers
    The four main dangers: microbial, allergenic, bacterial and viral
    Their lifestyles and specificities (how they appear and develop).
    • Factors of contamination or microbial development

    New emerging dangers
    • What is a virus?
    • Migratory viruses transported and transmitted by epizootic (SARS, Covid-19, Ebola, dengue, etc.)
    • The self-protection of people to contain a pandemic
    • Precautionary and disinfection procedures prior to receipt of raw materials
    • Application of the minimum elimination period
    • Use of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)
    • Attitudes and gestures of prevention and precaution
    • Apply barrier gestures
    • Steps to be taken in the event of a confirmed case of Covid-19 infection
    • Specific cleaning and disinfection procedures

    Contamination vectors
    • The 5 M method for solving a problem and crisis management.

    Means of control
    • The fundamentals of French and European regulations in commercial catering; the implementation of self-checks, traceability and the obligation to declare
    • The health control plan (BPH, HACCP, traceability)
    • The establishment of good hygiene practices and self-control procedures

    Implementation of HACCP (International Standard)
    • HACCP a complete and efficient tool
    • HACCP, a means of prevention adaptable to still unknown dangers and risks

    • Mandatory registrations
    • The conformity of the means put in place
    • Certifications and accreditations

  • Dates and tuition fees

    Term Dates & Prices

    Select a date
    Jun 29, 2023 - Jun 30, 2023 ( Standard )
    Sep 25, 2023 - Sep 26, 2023 ( Standard )
  • Statistics

    Pass rate: The pass rate for this course was 100% in 2021

    Attendance rate: The attendance rate for this course was 95% in 2021


  • "The chef transmitted his knowledge to me with passion: from now on, everything I eat I decipher in HACCP. This course was really amazing, thank you Chef René!"
    Patricia Provenchere, HACCP 2021
  • "My HACCP course went very well with Chef Kerdranvat René (who is also very friendly), very smooth running, very good explanations and the Chef listens to you and takes the time.....and the institute is very beautiful and spacious while the dishes that are offered are good. And a special thanks to Mrs. Boulvert who took care of my registration and my funding process."
    Sylvie Combe, HACCP 2021
  • “Very professional, the team is attentive and caring. This course met my expectations and the institute is very pleasant."
    Anne-Sophie Chapuis, HACCP 2021
  • "I was delighted that the course perfectly met all my expectations! Thanks very much !"
    Isabelle Jaouen, HACCP 2021
The institute reserves the right to modify the induction procedure, fees, dates, organisation, and structure of all its training programmes.

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