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So that the international students can settle comfortably into their culinary arts course and to help them along with their studies, research and the smooth running of their internships, Le Cordon Bleu Paris is offering French lessons (FLE – Français Langue Étrangère – French as a foreign language).

Lesson objectives:

This programme is made up of 3 levels: A1, A2 and B1.

At the end of level A1, the student will be able to:
Understand and use familiar everyday expressions as well as simple statements in order to satisfy simple practical needs.

At the end of level A2, the student will be able to:

At the end of level B1, the student will be able to:


A specialised FLE teacher will give the lessons. The educational material is made available for all participants. 

After the course, Le Cordon Bleu Paris students will be able to register for the DELF examination at the level of their choice in order to obtain a ‘Diplôme d'Études en Langue Française’ - Diploma in French Language Studies. 

Enrolment for French lessons (FLE):

Courses are available to students before or during their culinary arts programme, in January, April, July and October:

10 hours per week (standard) during the culinary arts course
Price: 1 200€ per level or 3 300€ for 3 levels
2,5 hours of lessons per day for 11 weeks (110 hours per level) signing up for the DELF exam and passing level A1, A2 or B1. The scheduled lessons do not conflict with those of the culinary arts students.

The students may follow lessons from Monday to Saturday in small groups. 

Please contact the admissions service (parisadmissions[@]cordonbleu.edu) for any queries and enrolment.

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