Le Cordon Bleu Paris Newsletter August 2023
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Le Kimchi à l’Honneur

Le Cordon Bleu Paris hosted “Le Kimchi à l’Honneur” culinary competition.

On the 11th of July the institute hosted the “Le Kimchi à l’Honneur” culinary competition in collaboration with the Association Mes Amis. The aim of the competition was to unite both professional and amateur cooks around the common theme of Kimchi, the traditional Korean banchan. Participants were tasked with preparing an original dish using this product. 
We would like to congratulate all of the participants and in particular Lucas Renault on winning 1st place. 

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Alliance Française

Celebrating the 140th anniversary of the Alliance Française in Paris.

On Thursday, July 20th, our pastry and boulangerie Chefs, along with students, actively participated in organizing and preparing for the 140th anniversary of the Alliance Française in Paris. A series of exquisite pastry & chocolate sculptures were meticulously crafted for this special occasion.

The event was a truly remarkable showcase of artistry and culinary excellence, symbolizing the enduring partnership between Le Cordon Bleu and the Alliance Française, as well as honouring the 140 years of the Alliance Française's cherished legacy in Paris.

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Cuisine demonstration

Cuisine demonstration with the Venerable Beop Song, Korean Buddhist nun.

Le Cordon Bleu Paris is organizing a cuisine demonstration on the 11th of August. Renowned chef and cookbook author Venerable Beop Song will be hosting this cuisine demonstration to introduce participants to the art and techniques of Korean temple food.
The demonstration will take place at the institute from 5:30pm to 7:00pm. Find the registration page down below. 

Continuing Education

Continuing Education: Nutrition & Heath, Gourmet Cuisine.

Indulge in a culinary journey like no other with our exclusive Nutrition & Health, Gourmet Cuisine programme, meticulously crafted by the renowned Chef Éric Briffard, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, and the esteemed Dietitian Nutritionist, Yasmine Bouziane. This unique 4-day experience, offered in collaboration with Le Cordon Bleu Paris institute, promises to tantalize your taste buds while nurturing your body and well-being.

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Learn to cook with
Le Cordon Bleu Paris Chefs

Traditional Freshly Baked Pastries

Traditional Freshly Baked Pastries

 - 2 days

Explore the delightful world of freshly baked pastries in our traditional 2-day Freshly Baked Pastries Workshop.
1st & 2nd of September

The Art of Making Sauces and Jus

The Art of Making Sauces and Jus

Indulge yourself in the exploration of an essential part of French cuisine, sauces, and jus. Learn to master these dressings.

6th of September

Traditional Bread Baking

Traditional Bread Baking - 2 days

Learn to make home-made bread. This workshop is split into 2 sessions will introduce you to the secrets of this French speciality. 
13th & 14th of September

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