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Issue: August 2010

Le Cordon Bleu Australia Newsletter

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Sydney Graduate Success Story
Expanding Opportunities for Student’s Industry Experience
Fish Kebabs with Lime and Rosemary
Le Cordon Bleu Australia Celebrating 10th Anniversary
Le Cordon Bleu Orientation & Induction Program
Master Chef Runner Up Callum Hann Visits Adelaide Campus
Chocolate Showpiece Winner
Sydney Graduate Success Story
Pedro Roxo from Brazil

People with a passion for food come from all around the world to study at Le Cordon Bleu. The culinary courses at Le Cordon Bleu Sydney Culinary Arts Institute teach traditional French techniques while giving students real world experience. Many students have found success after completing their studies, most recently Pedro Roxo from Brazil.

Pedro made the decision in 2008 to move from working in engineering to culinary arts and he hasn’t looked back. His time at Le Cordon Bleu Australia was very important in his life and only increased his passion for quality food. He has taken this passion with him into his catering business, recently opened in Brazil, with plans for his own restaurant in the future.

» Find out more about Pedro

Expanding Opportunities for Student’s Industry Experience
Burswood Entertainment Complex Visits Adelaide Campus

The Professional Industry Placement team organized Ms Kiah Lister (Human Resources Manager - Catering & Entertainment) and Mr. Adam Vonthehoff (Food and Beverage Manager – Hotels) from the Burswood Entertainment Complex (which is part of the PBL, Crown Ltd group and Intercontinental Hotels Group) to visit the Adelaide campus.

They presented the students with unique opportunities for industry placements in their new Food and Beverage venture, a $9million complex opening late 2010. The complex will include a 24-hour casino, seven restaurants, eight bars, a nightclub, two international hotels and a Convention Centre.

Following the presentation Kiah and Adam conducted interviews with students for positions opening later this year. Le Cordon Bleu is proud to be associated with such a prestigious group in Perth, Western Australia, and look forward to the students using this as a great opportunity to show off their skills and uphold our values.

Fish Kebabs with Lime and Rosemary
Kebabs de Poissons avec la Chaux et le Romarin

With lime season ending in September why not make the most of some fresh seasonally produce with this quick and easy meal. The tang of the lime works well as an accompaniment to the salmon and with its sweeter notes is a pleasant change from lemon.

» Decide for yourself with the full recipe

Le Cordon Bleu Australia Celebrating 10th Anniversary
4th September

The upcoming Adelaide Gala Dinner will not only be a celebration of the achievements of the 232 students who are graduating, but it also marks the 10th  Anniversary for Le Cordon Bleu students graduating in Adelaide. More than 3000  students have graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Adelaide since  2000.

We congratulate all those who are about to become part of a tradition of excellence and wish you well on your journey of discovery which will last a lifetime. .

Graduates come and join the prestigious Alumni community.

» Adelaide Graduation & Gala Dinner event details

Le Cordon Bleu Orientation & Induction Program
Adelaide Campus

Le Cordon Bleu recently welcomed 82 new and 220 returning Bachelor and Master Students back to the Adelaide campus. These 302 students participated in one of five successfully run Orientation and Induction programs.

We wish you well with your studies and hope to see you at the upcoming Course Commencement Ceremony Friday 17th September at the Adelaide Convention Centre. This ceremony recognizes student’s achievements and gives all current students the chance to talk to mingle amongst themselves and Le Cordon Bleu staff.

» More information on the Adelaide Course Commencement Ceremony

Master Chef Runner Up Callum Hann Visits Adelaide Campus
Tip from an (Almost) MasterChef

On Friday August 20th Callum Hann, runner up in MasterChef Australia 2010, visited the Adelaide campus to talk to Stage 5 Le Cordon Bleu students. These stage 5 students are currently undertaking a Culinary Challenge assessment for the subject “Professional Gastronomic Practice”.

The Culinary Challenge is a group assessment involving students creating a themed three course menu to be assessed by a panel of judges. Seeing as this is a key part of the MasterChef Australia competition Callum was invited by Le Cordon Bleu Lecturer Carolyn Jones to talk to the students and share his experiences of creating meals to be judged.

The students greatly appreciated the opportunity to learn from someone close to their age with his experience and were eager to hear his tips. Like Callum most of the students have not trained to be chefs, but are undertaking two culinary based subjects during their business management degree.

Le Cordon Bleu would like to thank Callum and congratulate him on making it to the final 2 in MasterChef.

Chocolate Showpiece Winner
Pastry Chef Angelo Roche

The 3rd annual Hunter Valley Gardens Chocolate Festival, held earlier this month, involved a Chocolate Show Piece Competition. This competition consisted of skilled chocolatiers competing live at the festival as they designed and constructed intricate chocolate sculptures.

Le Cordon Bleu Chef Angelo Roche and students Jason Tan and Shaz Amran were among the nine competitors, with Chef Roche’s magnificent creation securing him first place.

» Find out about Angelo’s prize winning show piece
» Start your own chocolate dream

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