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Study Haute Cuisine in Spain!

Gastronomy, spectacular landscapes, culture, fun ... are just some of the reasons that can conquer you in Spain. But what if we add a new motive? Our country can also become the best place for you to transform your passion for cooking into your future profession.

In addition to having a strong fishing and livestock industry, did you know that in Spain, thanks to our climatic diversity, we are producers of a huge variety of cereals, fruits, vegetables, legumes, and lead the world production of olive oil and wine?

Our country also has a total of 182 restaurants with Michelin stars, which makes Spain an ideal place not only to train in cooking but also to start your career in the gastronomy sector. Don’t wait, and bet on Le Cordon Bleu Madrid and our programmes of Cuisine, Pastry or Spanish Cuisine.

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Pastry Diploma Spanish Cuisine Diploma Grand Diplome