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Le Cordon Bleu Newsletter
February 2014
Happy Valentine's Day!
Wine and Dessert conference
Le Cordon Bleu students participated in the Délifrance Sandwich World Cup
In the heart of the Cognac Region
Meet Daniela Amendola, Le Grand Diplome® 2009
A walk through Chinese Gastronomy: culinary traditions in regional cooking
Culinary demonstrations
Hot vanilla soufflés
Happy Valentine's Day!
Only by cooking with love can you reach someone's heart

Impress your loved one with an original dessert, shared by Le Cordon Bleu Chefs : banana tart tatin with salted caramel ice cream and chantilly cream

> Discover the recipe

Wine and Dessert conference
At Le Cordon Bleu Paris

This conference will highlight how to create harmony and balance to paire wines and desserts.

Franck Ramage will animate the Wine and Dessert conference on February 13.

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> Read the interview of Franck Ramage

Le Cordon Bleu students participated in the Délifrance Sandwich World Cup
Local Events

The Sandwich World Cup organized by Délifrance took place on February 4 at the Ecole de Boulangerie et de Pâtisserie (EBP). Two Le Cordon Bleu students participated in the competition: Yusuke Murata from Le Cordon Bleu Tokyo, and Brandon Colina from Le Cordon Bleu Paris.

> Read more about the competition

In the heart of the Cognac Region
With the Wine & Management Program students

The students of the Wine & Management Program had the chance to delve into the heart of the Cognac region to discover the history of the appellation, the terroir, the economy, the structure and secrets of production.

> Learn more about this trip

Meet Daniela Amendola, Le Grand Diplome® 2009
Alumni Success Story

Daniela was born in Barretos, in the state of São Paulo. In 2009, she decided to turn her childhood passion into a profession: she moved to France and signed up for “Le Cordon Bleu Grand Diplôme”.

> Discover this alumni success story

A walk through Chinese Gastronomy: culinary traditions in regional cooking
World Culinary Traditions

Although world famous, Chinese cuisine is still little known for the lavishness and diversity of its dishes. There are several different types of Chinese cuisine, which change according to the different regions, natural resources available, climatic conditions, as well as the historical, political and cultural background.

> Learn more about the Chinese culinary traditions

Culinary demonstrations
At Le Cordon Bleu Paris

Experience a class as if you were a Cordon Bleu student by participating in a cuisine or pastry demonstration given by one of our Chef Instructors. During each demonstration the Chef prepares a complete menu or a series of desserts. You will learn new recipes, gain knowledge on how to use each ingredient and taste the preparations at the end of the demonstration.

> Learn more about the culinary demonstrations

Hot vanilla soufflés
Monthly recipe

The preparation of a soufflé can often be a dreaded moment in cooking, whether it be sweet or savory, since the mixing and cooking techniques involved are determining factors in achieving the eagerly-awaited soufflé effect. Le Cordon Bleu Chefs can teach you the required skills to realize this light, vanilla-flavored, seasonal soufflé, the perfect end to a gourmet meal.

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