An Invitation to Join our Le Cordon Bleu Webinar Series Presenting London and Paris
“Innovations in Wellness, Nutrition and Plant Based Culinary Programs”

The following programs will be presented featuring our very latest innovative Patisserie Diploma that will influence how we traditionally think about Patisserie and the new opportunities presented:

Diploma in Patisserie Innovation & Wellness - will be the feature, with

  • Diploma in Gastronomy, Nutrition and Food Trends
  • Diploma in Plant-Based Culinary Arts

Learn about the innovations, insights, the technical skills, and knowledge required to design new products and menus, to think about patisserie and cuisine in terms of wellness, health, and nutrition with an emphasis on design and creativity infusing plant-based ingredients.

The Future

The future of Patisserie innovation is moving towards a health and wellness focus with consumers seeking luxury products with reduced sugar, fat, and a desire for creative flavour profiles, there is a requirement to have awareness and applied knowledge in areas such as recipe adaption, substitution of ingredients, new product development and design which are aligned to dietary guidelines and allergens.

The Opportunities

The “Wellness” program presents new opportunities to diversify businesses, to meet new and emerging health and wellness patisserie trends, to create new “Wellness” menus and products that can help create new income streams.

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