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Le Cordon Bleu 125 anniversary

Le Cordon Bleu 125th Anniversary

This year Le Cordon Bleu celebrates 125 years of excellence. We have a full year of festivities planned. Our network of institutes has prepared an array of festivities to celebrate the different flavours, talents and above all our passion for gastronomy! New programmes will be available along with the launch of international competitions and the opening of restaurants in Brazil and the United Kingdom. Join us!

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Enhance your career with a Diploma in Culinary Management at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

Enhance your career with a Diploma in Culinary Management at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

Are you looking for a career in culinary management? The Diploma in Culinary Management has been designed to provide aspiring managers and business owners with the relevant skills set to lead successful kitchens and businesses in an increasingly competitive world. The focus of the programme is to provide practical and technical advanced culinary skills, alongside entrepreneurship and management studies. Taught through demonstrations and practical sessions, students will develop their creativity and innovation in line with modern food trends.

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New Short Courses

New Short Courses and Academic Programs at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa

Short Courses are now available online for the general public and two new academic programs are being launched for potential students. Visit our website and view the new programs being launched at Le Cordon Bleu Ottawa in 2020.

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